Day 45/365 We are still on vacation and it's a very good! By the way, hi guys,hope you're well too! I just find out that the Valentine's day is today 😅. We bouth forgot about it. 🥴 However we had a great time today! We walked around our big city today. We were walking around 5 hours 🙈we definitely love walking. There were too many cars and people in the street. It was very unusual, specially in February. There are no any people outside during Chinese New Year,but this year they can't go to abroad. My husband cooked sushi in the lunch. It was perfect like usual!( Sorry, don't have any pictures, we've eaten it too faster 🥴) In the evening I did some lessons on Puzzle English. I have some questions about this. How I need to use "in the street" "on the street" . I remembered, if I live there I need to use "on" . I live on Pushkinskay Street. If I just wait some one ,or I'm walking there I need to use "in". Where are you?- I'm in the Oliver street.
Feb 14, 2021 12:29 PM