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Hobbies, especially when they are related to language learning, are a great ways to keep motivated to learn a new language.
Quiero hacerme desarrollador web Estoy aprendiendo español como un idioma segundo. Antes de mis estudios de español, había querido aprender el idioma de la Informática, Java. Sin embargo, como estudio más, especialmente los bucles, me puse confundido. Me fui, corriendo. Todavía, me gusta usar el Internet. Sin embargo, cuando era estudiante, ni hubo Internet tan poderoso como hoy, ni las computadoras, los teléfonos inteligentes, y más. Hubo cuadernos, un bolígrafo y la letra cursiva. Después de investigar otros campos de Informática, encuentro el campo del desarrollo web, utilizando HTML, CSS y JavaScript. Para usar mi español, voy a ver un curso de HTML en español a través de YouTube. Sería una experiencia nueva. Busco buenas canales de YouTube, los sitios web y los pódcasts para alcanzar esta meta. ¿Pueden recomendarme una canal, un sitio web o un pódcast?
Dec 3, 2022 8:06 PM
I’d like to say particularly, i’m a huge fan of novels. They can help me leave everything behind and forget all my usual responsibilities.So i really read a lot of.Now i’m dying to share with you one called Shadow striker. That was before i went to college and i found this novel online, on a fiction website in China. I can’t quite remember the author’s name.It’s a story of a Chinese footballer named Yue, who came to the youth training camp of a famous football club in Spain after being selected as a child. With his talent and hard training, he came into the first team of the club, met all kinds of challenges together with his team, finally won those important matches such as National Derby, Europa League and even Champions League. He got very high results in international football. What i found interesting in it is not the rise of Chinese football but the scene people conquer themselves, help each other and work hard to chase their dreams. You know, i had never had any contact with football before. In the reality outside of the novel, I also became a football fan with the team I support and friends watching matches together. Although after work I don’t have spare time and energy to stay up late to watch football game as in college, i can still remember those happy days that football brought me since this novel.
Oct 25, 2022 10:44 AM
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