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Hobbies, especially when they are related to language learning, are a great ways to keep motivated to learn a new language.
I remember the time when I was nine and I thought that everything was possible (spoiler: it was). To begin with, I was a very intelligent student and was getting a lot of new knowledge. I liked especially humanitarian subjects like Russian language and literature. I had just been doing what I liked when a teacher asked me to participate in a competition. That was City Olympiad in Russian language. I did not think much and agreed. Then I started to prepare for difficult tasks. I had already had excellent marks at my school, but now I needed to show my skills to the whole city. While I was working hard, other students did not do anything – they just waited for the beginning of it. Finally, when the day of the competition arrived, I was completely ready for it. And... I won. It was very nice, but unpredictable for me (surprise). Everyone congratulated me during I didn't understand what had happened. Now I am very proud of me from the past and know for sure that if you have a goal and make efforts to achieve it, you will get it any way.
Jul 16, 2024 8:05 AM
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