Professional Teacher
What are some common IELTS speaking vocabulary to use when asked 'Weather Topics'? Here is a bit of a challenge for you :) The words below are written in a reverse. ruopnwod, elzzird, yllihc, dloc gnizeerf, Suislec sreegeed, orez olleb og ot, ymoolg, raelc, pu raelc ot, hcnerdneb eb ot, eltneg niatneg, elzzirg, ruopnwod How challenging was to discover them? :) Downpour, drizzle, chilly, freezing cold, degrees Celsius, to go below zero, gloomy, clear, to clear up, to be drenched. I am sure you can utilize some of them now but it's the practice that is needed. Join my classes now to activate the 'super speed' of improving now and succeed at IELTS speaking test!
Jan 16, 2024 10:41 AM