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Imagine being asked this question in an interview, do you have our DNA? It's so strange that it'll make most people feel awkward since they've never heard of this question, right? Take you for example, what would you say to a question like this? Will you lose face and be out of words or..? I help my students to find the right words and I talk about it in today's recording. Jump into it. You can read various articles on the DNA's topic - it's pretty helpful in a job interview process! Here is my podcast on this: Here are some definitions: Real DNA contains genetic information about how we look and behave, and it also defines what makes us different from each other On the other hand, a brands DNA is not an advertising slogan or a statement coined for the purposes of positioning. Since it is the center of all brand-building efforts, it should convey a strategic message! If you'll spot it in your research and will communicate about it in your interview heavily - you'll set yourself apart from the competition! Come of my 1-1 training and we'll dive deep into preparing you for success in a job interview or any spoken English related endeavor!
Apr 28, 2024 11:34 AM