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Everyone loves food and can talk about food! Food connects the world over shared cultural traditions. Food is also an expression of one’s cultural identity.
My favourite place to relax is in a restaurant ahahah. It seems strange but I'm going to share with you why I prefer a restaurant to relax. Well, first, I'm a strange person Ahah. I also could find relaxing being in a countryside and at the same time listening to blackgaze or noise music. Second, the restaurant is the better place to talk with people you like and eat things that you adore. Yesterday I was with my mother in a shopping center to buy some clothes, I bought a pair of shoes and a jersey. I spent three hours just to buy these things. I am very fashion conscious, in fact when comes the summer, most of the times, I wear a shirt paired with pants and shoes. In winter, a sweatshirt or jersey combined with jeans and shoes. But if I'm fashion conscious, my sister is worse. She joined us there and went just in a shop and just in an hour she bought the unimaginable, she spent three times as much on clothes as I did. Apart from this anecdote, I also was there with my mother to eat seafood salad. I love seafood. I eat with my mother what I can't eat with some of my friends. Yesterday, in the night, I also went out with a friend of mine who we didn't went out togheder for a long time, and he doesn't like to eat vegetables and seafood so we decided to eat a sandwich with meat and a dessert with coffee ice cream confetti. Yesterday was a beautiful day and the most important thing...I also ate a lot, ahah.
Nov 29, 2022 12:23 PM
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