The №1 killer of any language fluency and personal success in a job interview or IELTS speaking. If you want to succeed in your IELTS speaking performance - having more ideas to bring to the table or if you are a job interview performer - sound more natural and stay on the point without being stuck - you want to listen to this potentially life changing podcast. What might it be, you are wondering? What is the topic? It's quite simple, and we are all told this by language tutors: confidence... We are told "we all need to become confident."  Is this right? Self-confidence is game changer! Since I am a second language learner, which means I am going through the same steps as my students do, and I can understand them quite well but if I was told to become confident when learning a language - it would seem quite vague, would it be the same for you? Teachers tell us to be confident, but how can we be?! How do I be confident?  What is confidence? What is it made of? These questions are never answered because the 'confidence field' is too vague and broad, and sadly, it's overlooked as the main, foundational ingredient for someone's change! Listen to the podcast; within it, you'll find a massive bonus that will amplify your learning and can inspire you to sel-find ideas you've never dreamed of. Give it a shot; you might like it. better and Better.. Anatoly
The №1 killer of any language fluency & personal success!
25 พ.ค. 2024 เวลา 3:12