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This is a short story with some key vocabulary from Wonders G4 Week 2. Use it to build up your vocabulary and listening skills. I am not aware of a better way to accompany the podcast with a quiz, so I'll leave it here. Fill in the blanks with the following key words: a) affect, b) effected, c) accountable, d) responsible, e) advised, f) advice, g) desperately, h) desperate, i) hesitated, j) humiliated, k) embarrassed, l) inspiration, m) self-esteem, n) uncomfortably, o) uncomfortable 1. The bad weather may _____ our picnic plans tomorrow. 2. Jennie was a little shy so she _____ to ask her teacher questions. 3. If anything goes wrong in the kitchen you will be ____ for it. 4. My greatest ____ in music as a child was Mozart. 5. James was ____ when he stumbled over his untied shoe lace and his classmates laughed at him. 6. The town mayor ____ the construction of a new playground. 7. His phone rang in the cinema. He looked around ____. 8. This chair is so ____. I can't even sit in it. 9. The lost boy was ____ calling for his mum. 10. He was so angry that he said some things he never meant and _____ his friend. 11. Sam's mum let him watch over the sheep as he was the most ____ child in the family. 12. Her grandmother _____ her not to overthink things and to simply take action. 13. She never listens to the ____ her parents give her. 14. All of her friends thought her make-up was bad and as a result her ____ suffered. 15. Sam was ____ when he got his test result. He never thought it would be so bad. Answer key (look if you must): 1a,2i,3c,4l,5k,6b,7n,8o,9g,10j,11d,12e,13f,14m,15h
Wonders G4 Week 2 Vocabulary
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