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Hi italki teachers, Your shining points and styles are highly valued by italki. Under the topic #KnowMyTeacher, you can share your name, your teaching language, your passion and everything about yourself with the students so they'll know what a charming person you are. You can post your academic background, teaching experience and style, personality, and achievements on italki, etc. Anyway, try to make the post fun and creative, with no limits to content, pics, and even voice messages. Please remember to add the #KnowMyTeacher hashtag in your post(s). This is your time to shine and show the best of you to your students!
7 Th09 2022 03:58
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Ok, I am going to start. My name is Suzana and I am a polyglot who can speak about 15 languages (including languages of ex Yugoslavia) on different levels. I have been teaching on different platforms for many years. I started to teach even in elementary school (by helping people with some tests, correcting their homework, ….). My aunt told me: "Very impressive, you explain so well. Definitely you should become a teacher! " Honestly, I thought she was joking (I thought she might had told it just because she loves me so much and so she wanted to make me happy.) A couple of years later, I started to speak with some Latin Americans and other people and they used to ask me for help with Serbian, English, … and so, with their help, I started to grow professionally. Once my job was over on some websites I decided to work on other platforms. It went OK just for a couple of months (it happened in the beginning of 2014). I came to italki since it was recommended by a friend of mine Branko. I came (as a user) in March 2014 because of curiosity because I wanted to improve my Italian and I thought there was no option but just to take online classes. As I really wanted to work in a serious and good company with good people etc, I decided to give it a try and that is when I applied to work here for the first time. Thank you so much for everything ITALKI, you are the best.
8 Th09 2022 19:48
Sawasdee ka, I'm Siri from Thailand. I'm teaching Thai language. Happy to help all of you ka.
9 Th09 2022 01:33
Hello, My tips to find the best teacher on italki :
9 Th09 2022 06:11
Seems like those would be on the profile page, right? Don't really know what to share beyond what's already on my profile. Actually, I think I need to work on my profile :)
8 Th09 2022 07:26
Hi guys! I’m a Brazilian lawyer who is currently studying to get my Masters and I’m really into learning about learning techniques and talking to people. Check my profile to further info. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
14 Th09 2022 18:05
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