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Hi italki users, How are you getting along with your teacher? Would you like to know more about your teacher? Maybe he or she is a photographer, an IT Tech guy, or a cat lover. If you haven't found your perfect match, maybe you can take this opportunity to find a teacher who better matches your personal needs. Why not head over to the #KnowMyTeacher page to browse teachers with different personalities?
19 Th09 2022 03:26
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My Korean teacher is amazing! She loves cherry blossoms, new culture and is absolutely perfect! If your looking for a great teacher I’m flexing mine! Her name is Ashely Lee! Please give her lots of love and if u follow her tell her I sent you! 🤭🤭
19 Th09 2022 21:24
My Italian teacher is fantastic! Even when we don't have lessons we just have calls and speak up to an hour about our lives. That is amazing!
12 Th10 2022 10:33
We need more group or individual classes on weekends especially for those of us who work during the week and only have time on Saturdays and Sundays. Thanks!
22 Th09 2022 16:39
I’m sure this will help students practice more and therefore speak better. When you find someone with same interests the conversation becomes interesting ! As a #French and #moroccan darija tutor and as a #turkish learning student, I totally agree with that.
19 Th09 2022 14:04
Yes I contribute to the #knowmyteacher as Urdu tutor
19 Th09 2022 10:05
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