Rocio Daniela Perez
I remember the day my mother told me that I'd start an English course, I was really sad and angry, I'd have to "waste" part of my free time to learn a language which I was not interested in, nevertheless now I thank my mother because I could realize how important and how amazing is the learning foreign language world! After I got a level B1, I decided to learn French and I love it! In fact in November I will present the DELF exam and one month later I'm gonna start with Arabic language, I've always thought it's really interesting, for that reason in five years I hope to reach a level A2 or even B1. Why not? :) I was researching and I found an affordable course on internet, obviously I will also take Italki class because the app has helped me to improve in French so I think to repeat the process with Arabic. Other goal is to study in France, I'd really love it! 💕 That would be really good not only for practing French, but also I'd be able to improve my career! Thanks for reading and if you could correct my text, that would be great :) Good luck! ✨
15 Th08 2022 05:15
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Hi who was your teacher and what resources did you use?
31 tháng 8 năm 2022
Hi Rocio! Thank you for choosing italki and thank you for sharing so much about your language learning stories! Your perseverance and your love of language have really moved me! Keep working hard and I believe you'll get what you want!🥳
31 tháng 8 năm 2022