Khadija Rana
Hi there! I'm looking for an English language partner. I'm 23 and from Pakistan, with a B2 level of fluency. I'm hoping to find a dedicated partner, preferably female, who is passionate about practicing speaking. Ideally, we'd meet 3-4 times a week for a 30-minute Zoom call. I enjoy meaningful conversations about life, science, human emotions, and anything interesting. or we can crack jokes as full never mind😉 If you love meaningful discussions and are serious about improving your English, let's connect!
23 Thg 06 2024 07:07
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Hello! I am interested in practicing and improving my English language skills. I may be now at a B2 level, even though I own a C1 certificate. I am not so often available, maybe 2 times a week, but I would like to practice on a regular basis.
23 Thg 06 2024 18:53
Hello Khadija! I'm a native English speaker from the U.S.; more specifically the Midwest. I'd love to talk to you!
25 Thg 06 2024 03:24
29 Thg 06 2024 14:21