Few year ago our family arrived to Йошкар-Ола. This is the capital of Марий-Эл. It was found in 1584. But it isn't so big. There we wanted to visit my grand grandma. She had been living there since childhood. She lived in apartment house, at the center of the town. The place was calme, there weren't a lot of people. And nearly there was a small river. It was so cool! We could swim every day! But also I had a culture shock. I was a bit surprised! Behind apartment houses, at the center of the town locals planted vegetables and fruits, there were small kitchen gardens. It's a bit strange. Roads with cars and kitchen gardens at the same time - at the center. Unfortunately, I haven't any photos, but I have one photo with my cousins in Йошкар-Ола. This photo was made in the park.
16 Thg 05 2022 08:38
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Good writing We say to take a photograph… the photo was taken in the park….
21 tháng 5 năm 2022