How to use it correctly with "be attracted to" and "be attracted by"? I can't see much differences between them. If I say, "I am very attracted to you", then what makes it different from "I am very attracted by you"? Thanks for answer.
3 Th03 2012 16:50
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"be attracted to" = the target/destination of the attraction "be attracted by" = the cause of the attraction You are attracted to someone; you are attracted by their charming personality.
3 tháng 3 năm 2012
It's hard for me to explain it. You'd more likely say, "I'm very attracted by *the things that you say and do*, yes I'm very attracted to you". I know the attraction is because of the person, so it's rational to think you would say, "I am very attracted by you" - but it's not good English. "I'm very attracted TO you" not "by you". To attract, is to make one thing come closer to another, if I have a ball of silver foil, my cat is attracted to it, if I wave some food at my Dad's dog, she is attracted to the food. If I have a magnet and the polarity is right, the other magnet will be attracted to it - To attract is to be at distance from a person, and for that person's looks or words or actions, to make you want to walk closer to them, you've been attracted - So in theory I suppose you could say "I'm very attracted by you" - but no, in England we'd just say, "I'm very attracted to you" - it means the important part of the saying, is "TO". You'd use "By", like; "I'm impressed BY the things you do" - "I'm disgusted by your actions" - "I'm hurt by your lack of consideration" (like me last night ooops stupid man!!) But no, you'd not be attracted by a person, you'd be attracted by what they did or said, or looked like. Whoever has attracted you is lucky :D I hope I have helped and not made it more confusing.
3 tháng 3 năm 2012
These are the same. If you change just one word, they become very different. This is not what you said, but let me show you how the word change will be different: If you change I am attracted to you or I am attracted by you If you say I am attractive to you the reverse would be happening. But as you have it, they are the same.
4 tháng 3 năm 2012
Your right, there isn't much of a difference. You could use both. "I'm attracted to you" in my opinion is better because it suggests you like them and the things they do, how they act,their personality, etc. As CraigFromNewCastle pointed out, "attract TO" is more along the lines of wanting to be closer to whomever. You are attracted to them, you are interested in them, you're intrigued by them, etc. "I'm attracted by you" is means the same thing; but in addition to that , it can mean "The things you do attract me." or just "You attract me." So, all in all, they are the same thing. I guess it just depends on your preference.
3 tháng 3 năm 2012
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