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Hey 😎😎 I saw the idiom today, "on your head be it"... Do you know what it means? Answer below ⬇️🧠⬇️🧠 GOOD LUCK 👩‍🎓✅ Please follow for more daily vocab tips and tricks! 😊😊 Or visit my teacher profile here: https://teach.italki.com/teacher/8600553 For a free $10 💲💸 voucher for friends and family, use this code: https://www.italki.com/affshare?ref=af8600553
What does "on your head be it" mean?
you are able to balance things on your head
you are the one responsible for the risk taken
you will become king and receive a crown
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21 Thg 06 2024 19:24
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Got lucky! ;D
21 Thg 06 2024 19:30
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