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Giáo viên chuyên nghiệp
Did you know some methods to learn a language? Here are 9 that you might find helpful now. Here is a little overview: 1. Transcription Technique. Transcription is the systematic representation of the spoken language in written form. 2. Immersion Method. The method of immersion helps the users to learn the language in the most authentic and natural way. 3. Dynamic Immersion. Dynamic immersion offers the most natural way of learning the language that features instruction from advanced speech recognition software and native speakers. 4. The Pareto Principle. According to the Pareto Principle, 80 percent of the total improvement or the outcome comes from 20 percent of the efforts you put in. 5. Cognitive Strategies. Cognitive strategies are the most effective learning strategies that involve organizing new languages, summarising their meaning, repetition, guessing their meaning from context, etc. 6. The Gold List Method. The Gold List Method is a simple vocabulary learning method using long-term memory. This method was introduced by the Polyglot David James. 7. AHN’S Method. AHN’S method mainly depends upon the translation back and forth between the short passages, where each section provides a new vocabulary and Grammar. 8. The Shadowing Technique. Shadowing, also known as echoing, is an imitation technique where one imitates the other speaker or other aspects of the speech of the speaker. 9. The Pimsleur Method. The Pimsleur is one of the effective audio-based language learning methods that helps you to speak and understands a new language. Do your own research into it and you might find things that will help you improve your learning, speaking and overall confidence. Good luck!
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