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I am at the middle of my English learning journey. At first, my English is so bad and I failed all my English tests. My mum tried to get me to some cram school later every month before a test, but it was no use. Luckily, we found this amazing app called italki and started my English learning journey. We found a tutor called Michael and he taught me my English Oral. Although I learnt a long time with him, my English level didn’t rise. Therefore, I chose my current and professional teacher, Teacher Mark. He is encouraging, firm, on time and knowledgeable. I learnt a lot of things from him and my English improved obviously. I also need to thank italki for making extra features, such as community, quiz, podcast and prompt. They helped me very much in my English learning journey too! I kept writing articles and improved my writing skills, also learning from the mistakes others pointed out. I sometimes listen to the podcast and discovered new, effective ways to improve my English. I always answer quizzes because it’s fun and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment when you get it right. I am in the middle of my English learning journey and hope to improve my English profiency level to C1. Again, thank you italki and Teacher Mark. If you found this article well-written and interesting, please give it a like 👍 , thanks 🙏
Jul 2, 2022 1:50 AM
Calling all italkiers! italki is turning 15 and is getting ready to celebrate all month long! Join our #italkiAnniversary to get in on the action. Do you have a great story about how you found out about italki? Maybe a favorite moment among your italki experiences? Or tell us about your whole journey on italki and how we’ve changed your language learning! Don’t be shy, come and share your story for #italkiAnniversary. We need you to hit us with your best italki stories on themes chosen every 10 days. The first round begins July 1 and lasts until July 10. We'll pick the top 15 Posts and send the winners $15 italki Credits! But wait, that’s not all! Click the link below to explore more fun on italki Lands. Add a screenshot of your italki Land to your post and improve your chances of winning a prize! 🎁
Jul 1, 2022 8:10 AM
Time flies! We’re halfway through 2022 already! Was anyone's New Year's Resolution to master a foreign language? How are things progressing so far? Come and share with us what achievements encouraged you to keep going, or what difficulties kept you where you were. You can also sum up some useful learning tips for exchange. Hi everyone, I'm here to reflect on the goals I set and see what progress I've made. My goals were to improve in German and work towards C2, but I've fallen short of them. Here are some methods I will employ to do better from now on: 1. Use A calendar, just one! I used many calendars and often got confused between them. This caused me to miss a meeting between a really nice language partner. I feel really bad about it but all I can do is hope for forgiveness and do better next time if s/he doesn't answer. 2. Streamline my process I tried many books to find which one fits. I've learned that it is better to pursue a second best book consistently than to spend a lot of time finding that one best book. I am going to pick one book and stick with it for the next half of 2022. 3. Consistency > Irregular lumps of time Using many calendars made it hard to set aside time regularly, ahead of time. Instead, I would spend a chunk of time learning and catching up on what I would have learned gradually if I did so. This is better than not learning, but a better way still would be to consistently learn. I'm planning to set aside 30 minutes 5 times a week on language learning. That said, there were successes as well: 1. The language exchange partner process I know about how the search for a language exchange partner works now. It is not always easy, but I am encouraged by every kind exchange partner I meet. They are gems. 2. Determination This reflection has made me realise my determination to learn German. From a casual hobby, my German language journey has progressed far and will, I believe, ascend new heights yet. To be continued...
Jun 27, 2022 7:25 AM
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