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Can I get a correction for my essay please??? It has been stated that it is not necessary to study non native language if people are not talented in learning languages. I disagree with the view to a large extent. The major reason for my argument is that multi linguistic ability is a prime criterion in many job interviews nowadays . If a talented individuals can only study new languages, a majority of average people may not be occupied in the renowned job positions in the future due to the lack in dealing with foreign languages. Most of the well qualified professionals in developing countries not getting job in European countries due to the lack of proficiency in English could be considered in this regard. My next reason for disagreement is that most of the language teachers of today have become in such positions not because of having innate skills, their perseverance and passion towards the language moulded them to be an expert in foreign languages. It means that being a talented individual is never matters if you have a great ambition to become an expert in non native languages. Therefore, It is clear that the given statement is not going to be worthy of the society and the future generation. To conclude, although many people support the idea that pursuing alien language skills is not a requirement if people do not have the inborn ability to achieve it, I disagree to this to a great extent as being multi or bilingual is a pivotal part of grabbing reputed jobs and putting determination and hardship to study such languages can build anyone as quite proficient in the respective languages they select when talented does not matter.
3 hours ago