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I don't have kids, but if I were a mother, I'd look for some teacher who is: - positive, kind and smiled (all the time) - patient and with full of love (ready to share it with kids) - creative and full of empathy - flexible and dynamic so that this person can entertain the young kids and/or become their friend at that same time. - not too much relax nor too much demanding (if there is some balance, the kids will definitely know where they limits are, but at the same time they are going to love this teacher). - Working experience wouldn't be essential for me, but definitely would be an advantage. - If a teacher knows my native language (Serbian, or any other language of ex Yugoslavia) that would be a huge advantage. However, if this person doesn't speak Serbian, then English would work perfectly (because in Serbia we mostly get online education through English, we watch so many scientistic programs on TV in English, etc . Let's say we get too much exposure in English).
Jun 27, 2022 9:18 AM
In my experience, I have found that if you want your child to be interested in language learning, you need to be enthusiastic and involved in the language as well and they will begin to show interest. For example if your child is learning English and they see you watching films and speaking English, they will be inspired to do the same as well. Also motivating them to learn the language will give them the inspiration they need to actually get started. Self confidence is very important when it comes to language learning so by constantly motivating kids, you provide them with the self confidence that they need. It also makes a big difference to allow your child to choose the language that they want to learn, this way they will be naturally interested in learning the language compared to when they feel they’re being forced to learn a language that they are not interested in. Remember to make the learning experience fun for your child by also using online apps or online language learning games.
Jun 25, 2022 10:15 AM
Language learning is a form of art that can be made fun and interactive. Anything fun and interactive can make any child interested hence I believe that making language learning fun and interactive can make children interested in language learning. The way I make my siblings interested in language learning is by playing language games with them. Language games are not only fun and interactive but they are so beneficial because they help reinforce key concepts and vocabulary in the language that is being learnt. The game I play with my siblings is called Spanish Simon. In this game we use Spanish throughout as the rule is only use the language that is being learnt. The game also calls to action for example if I say Simon says “salter” they are supposed to act it out and to make it more fun you can offer rewards. Offering rewards makes the game more fun and challenging for children hence they will be way more keen when it comes to language learning.
Jun 24, 2022 5:07 PM
The way in which I improve my child’s interest in language learning is by speaking the language she’s learning with her. My daughter is currently learning French and even though I’m not fluent in French, I always make sure to speak French with her everyday using the few phrases that I know. I have found that this technique helps her to be more comfortable to speak the language daily because when I make a few mistakes intentionally and unintentionally she would giggle and correct me. This then helps her to remember certain things that she would have easily forgotten and it’s also a fun way to keep her interested in learning the language. The other strategy I use to keep my daughter interested in language learning is my helping her find entertainment within the language. I do this by listening to French music with her and even picking out a French movie which we watch together and pick out our favorite phrases. Through my experience, I have seen that this strategies help a lot when it comes to keeping a child interested in language learning. Always remember to be interactive with your little ones, it goes a long way.
Jun 24, 2022 10:08 AM
I think it's important for children to be interested at learning languages during their study. If it's interesting for you, you will be more motivated, it will be easier and funnier to learn. In my opinion, lessons for children should be short and funny. I'm sure that children memorize emotions connected with there lessons. And if it was boring or terrible for them, they wouldn't have any desire to go again. When I was 8, we started learning English at school. For me it was so boring! I hated this subject. It was really difficult for me. But now it's my favorite subject :) Another example. My brother is 8 years old. He loves playing with his cars, reading and watching cartoons. He likes watching cartoons about Peppa pig. For him it's fascinating. He wants to watch it again and again. And also there is his student book. But I know for him it's a bit boring, so he can't sit and learn English with this book more than 20-30 minutes. But I found a solution: after learning English with his student book (it takes about 15 minutes), he watches one cartoon about Peppa pig. And now he likes his English lessons!
Jun 24, 2022 2:01 AM
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