With one exception, the address format used in Hispanic countries progresses from specific to general. While the street number comes first in the United States, the street name comes first in Latin America and Spain. Then, add the colonia (neighborhood) and municipio (municipality) names. The most important part comes at the end: the código postal (zip code).

For example:

Porfirio díaz #58

Colonia Hacienda de Morales

Municipio Miguel Hidalgo

Mérida, Yucatán

Código Postal 02180

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Types of streets

Street types are named based on their length, width, number of ways, number of lanes, and even their purpose. Some are only intended for vehicular transportation, while others are intended to promote social gatherings. Here are a few examples of street types:

Avenidas (avenues) have wide sidewalks and, on occasion, trees. Because they are main streets, they frequently have stores, cafes, and other places where people congregate. Ave. is the English abbreviation, and Av. is the Spanish abbreviation.

Bulevares (boulevards) are wide streets with high landscaping. Its urban and cultural significance transcends avenidas and regular streets.

Carreteras (highways) are highways that connect towns or cities. Because it is designed for high-speed travel, it is not safe for pedestrians.

Cerradas (dead-end streets) are streets that lead nowhere, attracting both local and non-local lost drivers. Cda is the Spanish abbreviation.

Calles de un solo sentido (one-way streets) are designed for slow, local traffic. To achieve these goals, traffic calming measures can be implemented.

Calles de doble sentido (two-way streets) are wider and more congested than one-way streets.

Callejones (alleys) are narrow streets that can be one-way or two-way for small cars.

Calles peatonales (pedestrian streets) are streets designed specifically for pedestrians. These spaces for shoppers and tourists are only available in cultural or commercial districts.

There are several best places to travel in Spain, and whenever you visit these places analyze the type of streets they have. It is a great way to expand your Spanish knowledge. Be creative and seek ways to expand your knowledge about Spain and other Spanish-speaking regions.

When an address is straightforward and easy to find, the street type can sometimes be omitted. The main street of Mexico City, for example, is Blvd. Manuel vila Camacho. It is unnecessary to use the word boulevard because everyone knows it is a peripheral boulevard that crosses the city.

When it comes to small streets or names that are repeated throughout the city, such as those of Presidents or historical figures, it is best to specify as much as possible.

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Abbreviations and special terms

AbbreviationsComplete Word
Blvd., Blvr., Blv., Bv.Boulevard / Bulevar
C. P.Código Postal
No. / Núm.Número
Sn. / Sta.San / Santa
S/N / s.n.Sin número

These abbreviations and special terms are super helpful to get the desired directions and meanings. In fact, knowing these might help you converse with travel agent in Spanish making the traveling process easier and understandable.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you write the date in a Spanish address?

In Spanish, the date is typically written with the day, month, and year format. For example, “10 de enero de 2023.”

Should accents be used in Spanish addresses?

Yes, use proper accents in Spanish addresses. Make sure to include accents on letters like “á,” “é,” and “í” as needed.

Are there regional variations in how addresses are formatted in Spanish-speaking countries?

While the general format is similar, there may be slight variations in how addresses are written, particularly in local postal code conventions.


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