Whether it is the attraction of growing business in Bilbao, meetings in Madrid, or the tempting view of beautiful beaches, having a trustworthy online travel agent in Spanish on your side can make all the difference.

Hire the best travel agent in Spanish

Here’s our carefully compiled list of the best online travel agencies Spain offers to help make your trip a success:

5 best online travel agents in Spanish

Spain is an exclusive business hub in Europe. With the entrepreneurial spirit of Barcelona and the ‘always on’ capital of Madrid on your side, your business travel will be taken to the next level with the right online travel agent in Spanish. Here are two of the most suitable for business travel:


TravelPerk is a Barcelona-based online travel agency that specializes in providing modern business travel solutions. Its simple online booking tool is a much-appreciated change from the clunky UI that is often associated with business travel. TravelPerk allows you to make flexible bookings for employees and even offset your carbon footprint.

TravelPerk is the front-runner among the best online travel agencies, offering an innovative and end-to-end solution for modern corporate travel. Businesses can increase efficiency even further by integrating TravelPerk with various tools, such as centralizing expenses with software like Expensify or Divvy, or sharing travel plans via Slack. Streamlining a workflow to meet your company’s needs is essential for successful business travel.

Another significant benefit is that TravelPerk allows you to make flexible employee bookings via FlexiPerk. Business travel is frequently subject to last-minute changes, and TravelPerk’s flexible booking feature provides the necessary flexibility to change plans and receive 80% of your spending back.

B Travel

B Travel is a well-known Spanish travel agency specializing in corporate travel services. B Travel specializes in custom solutions for both large and small businesses. It also has an airline and hotel partnerships network, giving business travelers various options.

Their main offerings include:

  • Group and private tours are available.
  • Management and reporting of travel expenses
  • Customer service and travel specialists in Spanish and English
  • Various billing options for corporations
  • Business travelers have their own travel portal
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Just learn some basic Spanish words and find the suit travel agent in Spanish to make your business tour easier and more organized.

Are you ready to have some leisure time in Spain? Because the following travel agent will make your trip more memorable and epic.

Viajes El Corte Inglés

Viajes El Corte Inglés is a well-known leisure travel agency in Spain specializing in creating customized vacation packages.

They provide various travel options in Spain, such as trips to heritage cities (a great way to see famous Cathedrals, museums, and world heritage buildings), special celebrations (to experience local gastronomy and culture), day trips, and last-minute flights. Despite the team’s outstanding expertise in Spain travel, they only provide services in Español.

Their main offerings include:

  • Knowledge of Spain, Europe, and the Caribbean
  • Package offers
  • Day trips available to France, Morocco, Portugal, and other European cities
  • Booking of cruise ships and trains

Halcón Viajes

Halcón Viajes, with a several-year history, is one of Spain’s oldest and most dependable travel agencies. Their expert travel advisors provide invaluable advice on the best places to visit and how to get around (cars, cruise ships, and more).

Halcón Viajes enables you to plan for large and small groups—whether it’s a Spanish honeymoon to Mallorca or a tour of Spain’s Mediterranean coastline with the entire family—by providing a wide range of options to create a tailored package for any trip.

Their main offerings include:

  • Travel itinerary to the Spanish islands
  • Tours led by local tour guides
  • Circuits and longer journey options (Africa, Asia, Europe, and more)
  • Offices located throughout Spain and Morocco
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Despite being based in the United Kingdom, Logitravel is a well-known online travel company that caters to the Spanish market—because, as much as they enjoy a good cup of English tea, they know that nothing beats the sun in Spain.

With Logitravel, you can get real reviews from real people and see which destinations and plans people are most interested in, which will help you better plan your trip to Spain and other European cities on your bucket list.

Their main offerings include:

  • Excellent deals and special offers
  • Expert agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • TripAdvisor ratings and reviews

Whether you are looking for history in the Alhambra, flamenco dancing in Andalusia, or a walking tour of Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedrals, these five best travel agents in Spanish will make your trip unforgettable. All you need to do is choose the most suitable one and work on your Spanish skills to make your trip easier.

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Frequently asked questions

What services does the travel agency offer?

Travel agencies offer a wide range of services, including itinerary planning, flight and hotel reservations, destination advice, and assistance in case of unexpected trip-related issues.

How can I contact the agency to plan my trip?

You can contact them through the website, by phone, or by visiting their office. They will assist you at every step of the process.

Does the travel agency offer assistance during the trip?

Yes, they are available to provide assistance 24 hours a day in case of emergencies or unexpected changes to your itinerary.


In this guide, we have highlighted the five best travel agents in Spanish. Select the one that fits your requirements and contact them through their website. Additionally, explore some Spanish learning videos to expand your Spanish skills.

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