It is entertaining to watch videos. That is a fact, no matter who you are or where you come from. However, videos can be much more than a convenient way to avoid doing more important things- they can help you learn Spanish. Spanish learning videos can assist you in mastering difficult grammar rules, improving your pronunciation, learning new vocabulary, and becoming a better Spanish speaker.

Watch Spanish learning videos

So, in this post, we are going to highlight 10 Spanish learning videos to develop language skills while relaxing on the couch.

Good Spanish learning videos

1. Speak Spanish Faster

Suitable for: Conversational fluency

This channel, led by the charismatic Rocky, aims to help Spanish learners become confident speakers while learning the language quickly. Each video is brief and to the point, focusing on a specific topic. Whether you want to learn how to order food in Spanish, master Caribbean Spanish, or learn without getting discouraged, there is a video for you.

The videos are informative and focus on stress-free speaking with less emphasis on grammar rules, just speak, and you will pick up skills over time.

2. Real World Spanish Lessons

Suitable for: Learning in your sleep

Real World Spanish Lessons offers a variety of videos but is currently focusing on sleep learning. While learning Spanish in your sleep will not get you fluent or teach you new grammar points, research shows that you can learn or reinforce vocabulary while sleeping.

These videos are over six hours long and feature an English vocabulary word followed by its Spanish translation three times. Everything is said in a gentle, soothing tone. Other videos, in addition to sleep learning, cover common speaking errors, how to get a handle on verbs and verb conjugation, and even learning Spanish while driving.

3. The Language Tutor

Suitable for: Clear grammar explanations

Dr. Danny Evans created this fantastic YouTube channel where you can learn Spanish from the basics, like the alphabet, to more advanced topics, like the past perfect subjunctive. His videos, no matter the subject, include clear explanations in English and numerous examples.

His main playlist includes over 130 videos covering Spanish grammar and vocabulary, making these excellent Spanish videos for beginners. There are also playlists dedicated to vocabulary words, key verbs, and countries.

4. Butterfly Spanish

Suitable for: Detailed whiteboard learning

If you have ever looked for Spanish learning resources, you have probably heard of Butterfly Spanish. The channel, hosted by linguist Ana, covers Spanish grammar and vocabulary in depth in an accessible and easy-to-digest manner.

The playlists dedicated to Spanish verbs and tenses and Spanish grammar are fantastic and will come in handy if you are studying Spanish for an exam. The vocabulary videos are especially helpful because Ana explains the differences in usage between Mexican, Castilian, and Latin American varieties.

5. Spanish Academy TV

Suitable for: Vocabulary and basic conversation

Spanish Academy TV is an academy dedicated to teaching Spanish as a second language to children with the assistance of native Spanish teachers.

The videos are excellent for learning basic vocabulary from an engaging teacher. They take it a step further by displaying sentence examples or actual conversations about the various topics. There are also livestream classes on occasion. The classes are vibrant and engaging, and they will keep you motivated to improve your Spanish.

Observe Spanish natives

6. VideoEle

Suitable for: Introduction to beginner grammar topics

This YouTube channel is a great place to learn Spanish for free, especially if you want to learn from A1 to B2.

Grammar topics (such as verb conjugation), vocabulary (such as numbers and food), cultural information (such as bullfighting), pronunciation, songs with lyrics, learning tips, and more are covered in these videos. Following that, the channel includes both Castilian and Latin American accents.

The videos are also linked to a page on the VideoEle website, which includes transcriptions, a downloadable teaching guide, and several interactive activities.

7. Spanish with Paul

Suitable for: Easy sentence building

If you are just getting started with Spanish, Spanish with Paul is a great place to get your fill of grammar, vocabulary, tips, and resources. Paul teaches tenses, sentence formation, prepositions, pronouns, and a variety of other topics in a clear, easy-to-understand manner using simple presentations.

His videos are organized into playlists. We strongly recommend the “Mini Courses” so that you can begin speaking and building sentences in Spanish quickly.

8. The Flama

Suitable for: Learning Spanish culture

This witty channel provides learners with a humorous look at the cultural and social aspects of native Spanish speakers.

Joanna, the host, makes videos in both English and Spanish on topics such as “Spanish Words ‘White’ People Can’t Say” and “Types of Spanish Accents,” all with a lighthearted, irreverent tone.

Use YouTube

9. Spanish Made Easy | Sugar Astronaut

Suitable for: Livestream lessons

Sugar Astronaut may be the channel for you if you learn best through actual classes and teacher-student interaction.

Sugar Astronaut will make sure you learn everything about the Spanish language with the help of live podcast recordings or livestream classes, which she then uploads to her channel, with hundreds of videos available.

You can also watch Word of the Day or crossword puzzle videos to help you expand your vocabulary. She focuses on one topic per class and explains everything in English, so you won’t be confused.

10. Basho & Friends

Suitable for: Learning through song

Basho & Friends is a YouTube channel for kids of all ages where the words “fun” and “music” coexist in every second of footage. Basho and his friends sing songs only in Spanish and use the repetition technique to help kids memorize the lyrics in order to teach them Spanish in an immersive way.

The songs cover a variety of topics, including introductions, food, transportation, animals, and the alphabet.

Now, you have a list of 10 different Spanish learning videos available for all age groups, covering all the relevant areas ranging from Basic vocabulary words to grammar lessons. Take the most out of these Spanish learning videos while ensuring learning on a lighter note.

Use multiple strategies

Every learner wants to know the fastest way to learn Spanish. Different strategies can work for you if you want to become a fluent Spanish speaker, but nothing can minimize the need to hire a private tutor. The private tutor will help you improve your language skills through customized learning plans and strategies. If you are in the process of finding a suitable Spanish tutor, italki can do wonders for you.

Learning Spanish with italki

This is the best online platform for learning Spanish from the comfort of your own home. You only need to create a profile and find the best tutor for your needs. The amazing features of italki set it apart from other language-learning mediums!

Simple enrollment: The enrollment process is extremely simple. You can book your lessons with a few simple clicks.

Flexible learning schedule: The flexibility of this online learning medium is well known. The learner is free to choose the best time for learning.

Native teachers: This famous language learning platform has an online comprehensive list of Spanish teachers. The learner can select the tutor who best meets his or her learning needs.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your Spanish tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

Book a trial lesson

Conversational sessions: All of the sessions at italki are conversational in nature. You can get the best conversational Spanish tutor to discuss your learning needs, preferred style, and desired learning outcomes.

italki Spanish tutors listing page

Book your lesson with italki

  • Visit italki.
  • Make a profile for yourself.
  • Fill in all of the required information.
  • Navigate to the ‘Find a Teacher’ section.
  • Use the filter to find a Spanish teacher.
  • Check the reviews provided by previous learners.
  • Select the teacher who best meets your needs.
  • Schedule a trial lesson at a discounted rate to evaluate the learning method.
  • Follow the tutor’s instructions.
  • Request feedback.
  • Keep track of your progress.

Follow these easy steps to get a customized learning experience with italki. The best part is you can learn Spanish at your desired schedule without compromising other daily routine tasks.

FAQs about Spanish videos for learning

Q. Why is it important to have clear objectives while learning Spanish through videos?

A. Knowing what you want to get out of YouTube videos will help you focus your learning and attention. Every day, you would be making measurable progress towards that specific goal. The more specific your objectives, the better.

Q. Do you need to try different Spanish learning channels or stick to one?

A. While browsing the channels listed in this guide, keep in mind that there is something for everyone, but not everything works for every learner. Trying various channels to see what you like best will ensure you find your ideal match.

Q. What is the most effective way to learn Spanish through videos?

A. Take notes, pause, listen, and repeat aloud what you hear. If you use your new vocabulary in your own sentences or practice pronunciations with a friend after watching the video, you will take it to a whole new level.


Now, you have a detailed list of Spanish learning videos. Take the most out of these YouTube channels and generate notes for future reference. You can also check Spanish learning telenovelas; they are amazing for learning Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation.

If you are looking for a suitable Spanish tutor, try out italki to learn the language under the guidance of native teachers. Wish you a happy learning!

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