Classic French cuisine is foundational, a lesson in using good technique to extract the most flavor from seasonal, high-quality ingredients. Less is often more; there are no bells and whistles to hide behind, and a dish’s beauty lies in its simplicity. These French main courses speak to the cuisine’s tradition of sophistication.

Try the delicious French dinner food

5 mouthwatering French dinner foods

French breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods are famous for their unique taste and elegant presentation. These dishes are also famous for their high nutritional value. You can order them or make them at home with utmost ease.


This vegetable stew from the South of France celebrates summer vegetables at their peak of ripe seasonality, traditionally made with tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, onions, and eggplant. Enjoy it alone or with any protein; serve warm or at room temperature over pasta or polenta, spooned over bread, or any other way you see fit.


Learning how to order food in French can help you place your order confidently and gracefully. From greeting the waiter to asking for a bill, follow the ordering techniques to sound like a native French speaker.

Steak au Poivre with Red Wine Pan Sauce

The red wine pan sauce comprises fond (the browned bits left in the pan after searing meat), shallots, broth, good-quality red wine, and a few pats of butter to bind everything together and thicken it to a syrupy consistency. The sauce, with its perfect balance of acid from the wine and sumptuous fat, pairs perfectly with a peppercorn-crusted rib-eye steak.

Steak au Poivre

Duck à l’Orange

Because a single duck rarely has enough meat to feed more than two or three people, legendary chef Jacques Pépin cooks two ducks side by side when serving this traditional dish to guests. And because he’s roasting whole ducks, he cooks them until thoroughly cooked, resulting in the crispiest skin and the best flavor.

Duck a Lorange

Lobster Thermidor

This classic lobster thermidor stuffs gently cooked lobster meat back into its shell with a wine-based sauce and a touch of cheese before broiling. The rich, but not heavy, cremini mushroom and dry sherry-laced cream sauce retain the lobster’s natural sweetness. A pinch of cayenne adds warmth, not spice, to the entire dish, while Parmesan cheese bubbles and browns under the grill to finish each impressive stuffed lobster tail.

Lobster Thermidor

Toulouse-Style Cassoulet

Although there are numerous variations of cassoulet, the majority are based on a stew of white beans and various types of pork. The dish’s name comes from the traditional baking pot, the cassole, which is often shaped like a wide inverted cone to ensure the most luscious crust. This version includes duck confit as well as Toulouse-style French garlic sausages.

Toulouse style Cassoulet

These amazing French dinner dishes are not only delicious but also easier to make. You can try them at home, and if you are heading to France, you can eat them in fancy and simple restaurants. Learning to say thank you in French can help you show gratitude while enjoying your meal.

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Frequently asked questions

What are some traditional French dinner foods?

Traditional French dinner foods include dishes like coq au vin (chicken braised in red wine), boeuf bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine), ratatouille (a vegetable stew), and cassoulet (a hearty casserole with meat and beans).

What is a typical French dinner like?

A typical French dinner often consists of multiple courses, starting with an appetizer such as a salad or soup, then a main course, cheese course, and dessert. It’s common to enjoy bread and wine throughout the meal.

What are some popular French desserts?

Popular French desserts include crème brûlée (a creamy custard with a caramelized sugar topping), tarte Tatin (an upside-down caramelized apple tart), and profiteroles (choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce).

Are there any vegetarian French dinner options?

Yes, there are several vegetarian French dishes, such as ratatouille, a vegetable stew, and quiche Lorraine, a savory tart filled with eggs, cream, and cheese.

What are some tips for cooking French dinner foods?

Some tips for cooking French dinner foods include using high-quality ingredients, following traditional recipes closely, and taking your time to allow flavors to develop fully. Learning basic French cooking techniques, such as braising and sautéing, can help you achieve authentic French flavors.


French dinner foods celebrate flavor, tradition, and culinary artistry. French cuisine offers diverse dishes, from rich stews and braises to delicate pastries and desserts. If you are heading to France, this guide will help you try some of the most delicious dishes in the world.

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