Are you looking for a part-time job while studying in Spain? Great! We have compiled a list of the five best websites for finding a job in Spain to save you time and effort. One of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling to Spain to study or train is immersing yourself in the wonderful culture.

However, you may need a few extra Euros in your pocket with so much to see and do. A part-time job can certainly help, and we have compiled a list of the 5 best websites to find a job in Spain to help you get started.

5 best websites to find a job in Spain

Whether you’re a student, pursuing professional training, or doing an internship, you’re most likely on a student visa. So you’ll be looking for part-time work that meets the requirements of your visa and there are plenty of opportunities!

However, if you are a graduate looking for full-time work in Spain and have the appropriate visa, these job search platforms will also be useful to you. There are many benefits of learning Spanish and getting the right work opportunity is one of them. So, explore opportunities to find the one that suits your requirements.


Infojobs is the leading job-finding platform in Spain. They have the largest database of job openings, with nearly 50,000 currently available. If you’re in Spain for a year or less, you don’t want to spend too much time applying for jobs. And with so much work available on Infojobs, you’ll be able to find one quickly.

The Infojobs team aims to be the quickest and easiest platform for connecting job seekers and employers. They also help job seekers through their advice section and study guide. So, even in a different country, you can quickly learn how to search for jobs.

2.  Trabajos

If you are studying in Spain, you are more likely to find part-time work that requires hands-on experience. Trabajos excels at providing his type of employment and maintains a large database of companies looking for talented employees like you.

You might want to do something physical to balance that desk-based study time. Possible jobs include waitressing, bartending, tutoring, delivery, and translation. Alternatively, you could travel to the countryside to work on weekends or during breaks from your studies throughout the year. You want a job, and Trabajos has 173,385 employers who want you on their team.

Update your CV regularly

3.  Infoempleo

This website is ranked #2 in Spain regarding job availability and website visits. A variety of white-collar jobs may not fit into a student’s schedule. But don’t let that deter you. They also offer a variety of general job opportunities.

This website specializes in finding and matching you with jobs that are a good fit for you. So, whatever your skills, they have a job for you. They also offer a variety of support tools, including free CV templates, CV samples, a CV builder, and a training portal to help you improve your skills.

Infoempleo’s website is also clear and easy to use. So it’s another excellent way to find work in Spain. Additionally, explore Spanish work culture to understand the work ethics, practices, and norms. Working in a foreign country calls for the need to understand how the locals get their jobs done.

4.  Indeed

Indeed is a job website that requires no introduction. You may have already used Indeed to find work in your home country. So it should be the simplest way to integrate your job search into your student life in Spain.

It’s also a popular job-search site in Spain, so don’t assume it favours one country. There are currently 70,000 job openings in Spain on the Indeed website. Much of the work listed on the website for Spain is based in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga.

However, given that these are some of Spain’s most popular study destinations, finding part-time work is likely easier. They also provide an aggregated job-finding function, which saves you time scrolling through irrelevant jobs.

Is Spain safe to travel? This question is frequently asked by many people who plan to visit the country for leisure time or employment purposes. Know that, it is one of the safest countries to visit and work.


Monster is another international job-search brand you may be familiar with. Not only does this site have a large selection of job openings, but it also has a clean and easy-to-use design.

The website includes pre-selected job searches in various fields to help narrow your search and simplify uploading your CV. There’s also a variety of easily accessible resources to help you improve your CV and interview skills. This website also features the “I work from home” search function.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I start looking for a job in Spain as a foreigner?

Begin by researching job opportunities online, networking through professional platforms, and contacting international recruitment agencies. Tailor your resume to Spanish standards and consider learning basic Spanish for better communication.

Is it necessary to speak Spanish to find a job in Spain?

While English may be sufficient in some multinational companies, knowing Spanish significantly enhances your job prospects. Local language skills demonstrate cultural adaptability and improve communication with colleagues and clients.

How should I format my resume for a Spanish job application?

Use a concise and professional format, including personal details, education, work experience, and skills. Tailor your resume to the specific job and include any relevant language skills.


In this guide, we have explored five amazing websites to find a job in Spain. These websites can help you find a job that matches your expertise. You can also explore some additional features such as CV samples available there.

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