Finding a job in Spain as an American can be difficult due to the country’s high unemployment rate, but looking in the right places and sectors can lead to job opportunities. Finding work in Spain is an excellent option for those looking to broaden their experience and learn new skills.

Are you an American who wants to work abroad and is drawn to the beautiful country of Spain? Are you eager to start your job search in Spain but unsure where to begin? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know to start your job search.

Find the best jobs in Spain for Americans

In this article, we will look at English-speaking jobs in Spain, as well as the highest-paying and most popular jobs.

Major jobs in Spain for Americans

To be hired as an American, you must be assigned a job from a shortage occupation list. This is a list of difficult jobs that cannot be filled by a Spanish citizen. However, several sectors and fields continue to hire foreign nationals.

Below is a list of some of the major jobs in Spain for Americans:

  • Business consultants to MNCs
  • IT sector jobs
  •  Mechanical engineers
  •  Industrial engineers
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Tourism and hospitality work
  • English language teachers

If you plan to travel to the USA from Spain, know that most people here find work through word-of-mouth or networking. If you have personal contacts in Spain, ask them if they know of any jobs. You can also network through opportunities offered by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Pros and cons of expat jobs in Spain

There are various benefits and drawbacks to finding work as an expat in Spain, such as the job market and work/life balance. Before making any major decisions, you must educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of working in Spain.


  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Opportunities for growth in a new and exciting environment


  •  High unemployment rates make it difficult to find a job
  • The majority of positions are given priority to Spanish citizens
  • Salaries vary from region to region

You must explore Spanish culture facts to understand the normal work and living practices of natives. It is important to understand these facts to blend well in the Spanish work culture.

Understand Spanish wok culture

English-speaking jobs in Spain

Speaking only English in Spain will reduce your chances of finding work, but there are always opportunities in the teaching and tourism industries. Being close to fluent in Spanish is a prerequisite for upper-level positions and more specialized careers.

When moving abroad, it is important to know a few common words and phrases so you can communicate with the locals more effectively.

Here are some job opportunities for English speakers in Spain:

  • English teachers
  • Tourism workers
  •  Hospitality workers
  • IT sector work

Knowing Spanish dialects can increase your chances of getting more specialized jobs. It is important to expand your skill set and expertise to excel in your chosen career path. Learning needs to be your priority to succeed in your area.

Pros and cons of English-speaking jobs in Spain

Some advantages and disadvantages of English-speaking jobs in Spain include a smoother transition to a new job, as well as limited career opportunities. There are few English speakers in Spain, so learning some Spanish is in your best interests.


  • Easier transition because you won’t have to worry about learning a new language
  • Easily communicate with your English-speaking coworkers


  • Limits the number of places you can apply to
  •  Reduced networking opportunities can limit career chances

How to get a job in Spain as an American?

Some steps to find a job in Spain as an American include searching for job postings on websites and networking. Speculative applications are also an excellent option, as is searching for multinational companies that are hiring.

You can also connect with expat groups and staffing agencies. When preparing to begin job searching in Spain, review your CV (Curriculum Vitae). You must attach this, along with a cover letter, to any applications you submit.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the common industries or sectors that hire Americans in Spain?

Industries such as technology, tourism, language teaching, and international business often offer opportunities for Americans in Spain.

Is it necessary to speak Spanish to work in Spain?

While some jobs may require proficiency in Spanish, especially in customer-facing roles, many international companies and certain industries, particularly in larger cities, may hire English speakers.

What is the typical work culture in Spain, and how does it differ from the United States?

Spain has a more relaxed work culture than the U.S., with longer lunch breaks and a focus on work-life balance. Understanding and adapting to local workplace norms is important.


There are plenty of jobs in Spain for Americans. You must explore the right career path and look for ways to excel in your chosen area. Dig into job search websites to find the perfect opportunity.

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