Are you planning a trip to Spain and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry; we have got your back! Spain is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Spain will not disappoint you with its iconic Gaudi landmarks, Andalusian cultural nuances, and amazing coastline.

Coastline in Spain

The ultimate guide to Spain travel

Spain is a country in Western Europe. It is a country on the Iberian Peninsula with a 4,964-kilometer (3,084-mile) Mediterranean coastline.  Portugal borders it, another lovely European country.

Quick facts:

  • Officially known as – Kingdom of Spain (or Reino de España in Spanish)
  • Capital City – Madrid
  • No of Provinces or States – 50
  • Population – 47.35 million (2020)
  • Spain Tourist Visa – Schengen
  • EU Member – Yes
  • Currency – Euros
  • Language – Spanish is the official language, also known as Castilian (English is spoken)

Travel Visa

Spain is a member of the European Union, a member of the Schengen zone, and follows the provisions of the Schengen Agreement. So, if your passport does not qualify for visa-free travel, you will need a Schengen visa to enter and visit Spain.

EU nationals (European Union) do not require a visa. No visa is required for the United States and Canadian citizens to visit Spain for up to 90 days for tourism purposes.

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Flight tips for Spain

There are approximately 59 airports in Spain, with Madrid Barajas International Airport being the largest and busiest. Madrid and Barcelona are both excellent places to fly into. Depending on your departure airport, you can easily find direct flights from North America. Once in the country, traveling from one of the major cities to the various small towns, beachside resorts, and islands is simple. You can rely on Spain’s own network of high-speed trains, regional trains, and buses. When traveling within the European Union, RyanAir, Vueling, TAP Air Portugal, and other low-cost airlines are available.  Also, follow the Spanish travel guide to find the best traveling and accommodation options. 

Explore best flight time

Best time to travel to Spain

Spain has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn/fall, and winter. Although heavy snowfall is unlikely in most parts of the country – except northern Spain – a drop in temperature will signal the change of seasons.

The following are the seasons and months in Spain:

  • Spring: March to June
  • Summer: June to September
  • Autumn/fall: September to December
  • Winter: December to March

The months of spring and autumn are considered to be the best for visiting Spain. Because of the pleasant weather, you can easily go outside and enjoy the various attractions and landmarks.

Destinations in southern Spain, such as Seville and Cordoba, will be cool during this time. Catalunya will experience rain in the fall, but there will also be many festivals taking place.

In Spain, there is no such thing as an offseason. There are high and low seasons based on the number of visitors, but we have seen people queue at attractions, even on autumn and spring days. For major attractions, we recommend purchasing tickets online.

Mallocra in Spain

Best places to visit in Spain


Madrid is the capital city of Spain and also the most populous. The city is known for its historical buildings, the Royal Palace, markets, and parks. You can visit many contemporary art museums and Renaissance architectural sites and enjoy a lively nightlife with many great restaurants. There are interesting Spanish breakfast food dishes to make your mornings even more enjoyable.

Many travelers to Spain wonder if Barcelona or Madrid is worth visiting. We recommend exploring both.


One of the first Spanish destinations that comes to mind is Barcelona.  Barcelona is home to Anthony Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, including the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batlló. There are also numerous green spaces, parks, and museums to visit in the city.

Visit theme parks in Barcelona


Valencia is a Spanish destination still considered a hidden gem because it is not overly touristy. However, the city has numerous beautiful churches and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences is a must-see, so make sure to include it in your travel plan.

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Where to stay in Spain?

When visiting Spain, you can base yourself in a major city and then take day trips to smaller towns or beaches. They will know where to stay, how to get around, and where to find a variety of tours, restaurants, and lodging options.

For a short trip, we recommend staying in Barcelona, Madrid, or Seville to save money on hotel rates and to make it easier to base and store your luggage rather than lugging it around.

When staying in a significant city, choose a hotel in the city center so you can walk to all the major attractions and tour meeting points. If you rent a car, consider parking outside the city center. From Barcelona, you can visit Montserrat, Girona, Baga, and the Pyrenees, while from Seville, you can visit Granada, Cordoba, and Ronda.

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