Many people would argue that Italian is the closest romance language to Latin. It is true that Latin has its roots in Italy, and this is where it was initially spoken. Thus, Latin, or a progeny of the language, has been used across the Italian Peninsula for centuries.

In this article, we discuss the origins of the Italian language, and we hope that we’ll give you more inspiration and motivation to learn Italian.

Differences between Latin and Italian

It is critical to know the distinction between “Vulgar Latin” and “Classical Latin.” Classical Latin was widely used for public speaking and mainly for writing in Latin classes. Contrarily, Vulgar Latin was the formal language used by the average Roman citizen. Ancient Romans preferred a formal written version of Latin to the spoken language. Since Vulgar Latin was more common, it developed and changed more rapidly compared to Classical Latin. With time, the Romans incorporated slang, and various regions of Italy also spoke varied dialects of Latin, the same way there are diverse dialects of English spoken throughout the world.

Modern Italian heavily borrows from Dante’s works because it was a written form of the popular language. A standardized version of the Florentine language developed sometime in the 1800s to become Italy’s official language. Since then, the Italian language has evolved like almost every other language.

Similarities between Latin and Italian

The similarity between the two languages is mainly in the common roots of the words. People who speak Latin can easily understand modern Italian words. One of the characteristics of Latin is that words are inflected and have particular word endings. As such, Latin requires fewer words to express what would otherwise make a longer sentence. Italian words are also inflected to indicate genders, singular, and plural.

These similarities make Italian one of the easiest languages to learn, especially for English speakers. The few variations between Latin and Italian should not discourage you from learning and creating a reputation as a master in the language of love and seduction.

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