Italian can be a very complicated language to learn. This Latin language is made up of many variations and exceptions, so that the same sentence can be constructed in different ways, without changing its meaning. So, although Italian pronunciation and phonetics may be easy to learn, some grammar agreements and verbal forms can be very complicated to understand for people who have not learned Italian from a young age.

It is also true that language students who already speak Romance languages, such as French or Portuguese, will find Italian learning easier. Most Romance languages share similar words and grammar. Therefore, a French student could Italian faster compared to an English student, because they will discover that some grammar rules and phonetics are very similar to their native tongue.

However, this does not mean that learning Italian fast is impossible for English speakers. It only means that learning Italian would require time and effort, and it should not be underestimated. But to make it easier for you, here is some advice on the fastest way to learn Italian.

Learn basic vocabulary first

The fastest way to learn Italian is by starting simple. Fortunately for most English speakers, Italian uses the Latin alphabet, and most students don’t have particular difficulties with learning the Italian alphabet. However, in order to start your language journey, you will need to learn some basic Italian words and phrases. Focus on everyday words and the most common Italian phrases. Some examples of such phrases are:

  • Hello / Bye  – Ciao
  • Please – Per favore
  • Thank you – Grazie
  • You’re welcome
  • Excuse me – Scusi
  • Good morning – Buongiorno
  • Good evening – Buona sera
  • Good night – Buona notte
  • How are you? – Come stai?
  • I am fine – Sto bene.

Expand your Italian vocabulary

After learning some basic Italian words and phrases, it’s time to further expand your Italian vocabulary. To do that, you’ll probably need a textbook for beginner students. Using textbooks will bring structure to your learning routine and will help you advance faster. All textbook programs are developed by language professionals following a specific learning method and a curriculum. This means that each lesson is crafted with care and follows a specific study plan to help you build up your vocabulary and Italian knowledge. That’s why learning with textbooks or following online Italian courses is one of the fastest ways to learn Italian.

However, if you want to speed up the learning process and learn Italian faster, you shouldn’t only count on the textbooks or on the language courses materials. The fastest way to learn Italian is by learning regularly and by inviting the Italian language into your daily life.

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Immerse yourself into the language  

It’s not easy to immerse yourself in a foreign language if you don’t live in a country where it is spoken. However, there are many tips that can help you to get maximum exposure to the language while you are at home. For example, you can only listen to Italian music and podcasts, while you are cooking or cleaning the house. You can also label in Italian the most frequently used items in your household. In this way, you will easily learn the Italian names of most of the items from your daily life,

Also, you could switch the system language of your phone and computer to Italian, so that you get accustomed to some more technical Italian words.

Use flashcards and modern learning tools

And finally, don’t forget that the quality and the variety of your learning tools will also affect the speed with which you learn a foreign language. The fastest way to learn Italian is by varying the learning tools you use on a daily basis. This means that you shouldn’t limit yourself by only using textbooks and vocabulary lists. Consider introducing the use of flashcards, mobile apps, or even YouTube videos to your daily learning routine.

A flashcard, or a vocabulary card, is a small card that you can carry around during the day and look at quickly if you need to. If you hear a word very often as you go about your daily routine, write it down on a flashcard. Also, if there is a word or phrase that you are struggling with, write it down on a card. Nowadays, there are many mobile apps that allow the creation of vocabulary cards faster, and they will also help you to learn Italian online and faster.

Practice Italian as much as you can

If you are interested in learning a new language, you have to be serious and committed. In this regard, you should practice Italian as much as you can, regardless of the fact that you still make mistakes or your pronunciation is wrong.

Online tutoring is a great solution for those who are serious about learning Italian and are looking to study and practice the language on a regular basis. By attending one-on-one lessons with a private Italian tutor, you will have the perfect opportunity to practice your grammar and speaking skills with a native Italian speaker. Moreover, you will find out that learning online is very affordable. You will enjoy learning Italian from the comfort of your home. That’s why today thousands of people prefer online tutoring over traditional in-person language classes.

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