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As the population is ageing, it is more common to send parents to nursing homes. This has been ocurred as a result of need for medical care, busy schedule of family members and government financial support. First, elderly people need more medical help. Not only advanced treatment, such as provision of nutrition from tubes or blood treatment for those with diabetes, but also general assistance for daily movements and supervision to medicine intakes can be required in accordance with the decline in cognitive and phisical functions of the elderly. Nursing homes provide professional care services, of which family members may not be capable. Second, people are too busy to look after their old parents all day. With work or small kids, people need somebody to take care of their parents. Additionally, more and more people live apart from the parents, making it impossible to give a hand on a daily basis. Third, in responce to the ageing population and increasing medical expenses, governments in many countries support the cost of nursing homes. One aim is to keep the elderly generation healthy and reduce the pressure on the national budget for expensive medical services. As a result, good for working professionals with old parents, they take less financial burden when sending parents to nursing home. In conclusion, people use nursing homes because it provides better medical and nursing services at a reasonable price, which people find difficult to do by themselves.
Jul 22, 2024 10:53 PM
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