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Reading books in your target language is a great way to improve your language skills.
Day 164/365 Hi guys, how are you doing today? I hope you have a good weekend! Today I got up before my alarm clock ringed. I made breakfast for my husband and me. During this time I listened to a story that I'd started to read last evening. (I read 2 chapters).I love detectives stories. This story is about Sherlock Holmes "silver blaze" was written by Conan Doyle. This horse is very strong and fast. There is a world champion where it definitely will be win, but some accident was happened a few days ago.... The horse's trainer was finded killed and this horse disappeared. But before it happened there were some strange things.... All newspapers are talking about this accident but nobody can find this horse.. firstly Holmes though that it's an easy case, but then he received a letter from detective who's asked Holmes for help... This is a very interesting story. I'm going to read it again since the third chapter, however I understood all of this text and I'm ready proud of myself! 😊 I'm often don't understand or don't feel my prigre6, but the case like this give me a hope and I have more motivation for continue.! P. S. I've repeated some words through my program and done listening exercises. I also did some translate today, but it was a little bit diffecult. However, I'm good today!
Jun 13, 2021 11:37 AM