🎉 italki students and teachers, now is a great time to check out your year-end summary on italki. 👀 Let everyone on social see how much you’ve done! Share your summary on social media for a chance to win a $50 learning credits! How to enter: 1. Get your report from italki app or italki website 2. Share your report on TW/IG/FB, tag italki with #italkiRefresh More details on social: TW: IG: FB:
26 Thg 12 2022 03:31
Bình luận · 63
So we only enter the competition if we use one of the unnecessary social media platforms TW, IG, FB? I feel we should be able to share it on italki itself and still enter. #italkiRefresh
26 tháng 12 năm 2022
Thank you for motivating us to be better and better, I'll share on social networks so that more people are encouraged to learn more languages and thus be able to communicate with more people! 😀
26 tháng 12 năm 2022
This is my journey to learn English in 2022. It was a pleasurable journey. I met many people. I learned a lot. I made more progress and am still learning. # italkiRefresh
26 tháng 12 năm 2022
Thank you, Italki! Teaching language is an exciting job, and I love meeting students from different countries and sharing our cultures. @italki #italkiRefresh
29 tháng 12 năm 2022
I don't know where and how to find the report 😢
26 tháng 12 năm 2022
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