Hi again everyone. I'm trying to write 100 words per day yet without getting it xD, but I'm not sad or have negative thoughts, I'm a little nervous about have mistakes in my writing but each day this nervous disappear, I remember all migrants around the world learning other language and they have ridiculous situations too haha. I think that if I fail fast, I'll learn fast about my mistakes, or I think it, it's similar to silicon valley phrase "Fail fast, fail often" but I don't like to think in fail constantly and less having "expensive fails" haha. I don't lose hope haha, I prefer to take the situations with humour like a common Latin. At the moment, I will write when I have time, but I'm keeping a record of how many words I have written in English, including the words written in chats with some friends. Also, I think to write to my language partners. I haven't written to you for a while because I didn't have time for work. I will do my best to get positive results.
25 Th11 2022 21:54
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Hello, I can see that you have a lot of perseverance in learning languages, yes, mistakes are not funny. While the outcome is important, it's also fun to enjoy the process
26 tháng 11 năm 2022