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Share what motivates you to keep learning a new language. The secret to why some learn a new language faster than others? It's motivation.
Hi again everyone. I'm trying to write 100 words per day yet without getting it xD, but I'm not sad or have negative thoughts, I'm a little nervous about have mistakes in my writing but each day this nervous disappear, I remember all migrants around the world learning other language and they have ridiculous situations too haha. I think that if I fail fast, I'll learn fast about my mistakes, or I think it, it's similar to silicon valley phrase "Fail fast, fail often" but I don't like to think in fail constantly and less having "expensive fails" haha. I don't lose hope haha, I prefer to take the situations with humour like a common Latin. At the moment, I will write when I have time, but I'm keeping a record of how many words I have written in English, including the words written in chats with some friends. Also, I think to write to my language partners. I haven't written to you for a while because I didn't have time for work. I will do my best to get positive results.
25 Th11 2022 21:54
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