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Project Manager, International Debater and English Language and Communications Officer.
Đến từ Dim-ba-bu-êSống tại Johannesburg, Nam Phi (16:15 UTC+02:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 2 Dec năm 2021
My name is Sanele a certified TEFL teacher and native English speaker. I am a 33 year old fun loving individual currently residing in South Africa. I enjoy debate, drama, extreme sport ,cooking and travelling. I am also a certified International Debater and have represented my country twice in International Debate Competition under IDEA. I have a degree in English Language and Communication and work as a Projects Manager with over 8 years experience working for both startup and international organizations. My job includes a lot of tutoring or trainings. I have worked with both young and old in different countries. I love tutoring as l get to meet new people and learn new cultures.
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Conversation Practice in English
A1 -  C2

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Kids English age 5 -13 {Beginner - Intermediate } A1 - C1
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4 bài học Tiếng Anh
Sanele is very helpful, patient and polite teacher! She has helped me with my English and after only few classes I feel more confident. Great lessons!
23 Th11 năm 2023
5 bài học Tiếng Anh
The teacher had a poor internet connection. The lesson was interrupted again and again. I had booked a lesson for one hour and the teacher ended the lesson after 50 minutes because her child was crying.
22 Th11 năm 2023
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
The teacher is very nice~
19 Th11 năm 2023
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
Sanele teacher is nice.The first class is talk for self-introduce ,why do you learning english,your objective.
19 Th11 năm 2023
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
I'm grateful to Sanele for encouraging me to be more confident. Chatting with her is a pleasure because she is easy to get along with. A great experience.
18 Th11 năm 2023
12 bài học Tiếng Anh
Great lesson, thanks a lot 💖✨
28 Th10 năm 2023
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