Rachel Cottis

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Tiếng Tây Ban Nha
Đến từ Vương quốc AnhSống tại Alacant, Tây Ban Nha (07:37 UTC+01:00)
Certified TEFL Teacher with 10 years teaching experience
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Là giáo viên italki từ 27 Jan năm 2022
Hello, I'm Rachel from England but I now and live in Spain. Although I should have retired several years ago I enjoy being busy and meeting new people. For that reason I have continued to teach English and have enjoyed every minute. My students and I have shared lots of information about each other's culture and pastimes and have built meaningful relationships. I love music of all types from Classic to Blues and Pop. Travel is also important for me and I hope to go on a Road Trip around Spain in the Springtime. I have a family of two daughters and a son and 5 grandchildren
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36 lessons completed
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Reading and Conversation B1-B2
B1 -  B2


39 lessons completed
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Improving Fluency - Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversation
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Conversation Practice and fluency
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1 bài học Tiếng Anh
I had a lovely first lesson with Rachel and I am very much looking forward to our next one
18 Th01 năm 2023
Isabella Voina
9 bài học Tiếng Anh
The lessons with Racel are a lot of fun and effective. Many Thanks
21 Th12 năm 2022
Isabella Voina
9 bài học Tiếng Anh
Thank you very much for the lovely chat.
7 Th12 năm 2022
Nidhin Das
6 bài học Tiếng Anh
It is so obvious that the experience of Lady Rachel makes the difference. She easily recognizes the speech disorders and corrects it.
16 Th11 năm 2022
Fauzan Mufid
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
I like when she ask me many questions, because it’s the thing that I need. To rush my brain
20 Th09 năm 2022
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
I really loved. A pleasant and instructive conversation.
16 Th09 năm 2022
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