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Certified / 5-Years Experienced / Friendly & Calm / Masters from DU / Tailored for Kids and Adults.
Đến từ Băng-la-đétSống tại Other, Băng-la-đét (15:08 UTC+06:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 29 Jul năm 2023
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Hello, my name is Fahad. I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a native Bengali Speaker. In my academic life I was very active as a student. I played Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton and many other Bangladeshi local traditional games. Though I wasn’t a professional player but I always loved to play. I loved music a lot. Sometimes I played guitar with songs when we friends were together. Besides Music, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton, I also love riding motorbikes, cook traditional foods and eat them. I am a religious man now. Passionately connecting with others, while exploring diverse cultures, fuels my insatiable love for learning. আমার মাতৃভাষা বাংলা। এ ভাষা শেখানো আমার জন্য গর্বের বিষয়।
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Bài học thử
2 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 9.00+
Bengali for Beginner (Kids and Adults)
A1 -  B1


27 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 7.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 7%
Conversational Bengali For Beginner
A1 -  C2

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29 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 6.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 5%
Take your Bengali skill to the next level (Advanced to Proficient)
B1 -  C2


7 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 8.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 6%

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6 Nhận xét

Học viên Rodrigo Basilio
Rodrigo Basilio
4 bài học Tiếng Bengal
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Excellent first lesson, He is so patient and motivated, this is so important when learn a new language, a teacher motivated
30 Thg 11 năm 2023
Học viên teepeep
25 bài học Tiếng Bengal
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
As someone who already knows a bit of Bangla, Fahad is excellent in supplementing and enhancing my competency with the language. He is quick to cater to what I am receptive to which makes the lessons more enjoyable and motivating. I look forward to completing more sessions with Fahad to achieve my Bangla speaking goals in the near future.
11 Thg 10 năm 2023
Học viên Raul
20 bài học Tiếng Bengal
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Fahad is a professional tutor, always willing to help me learn and giving me honest feedback. I recommend him as a tutor and teacher.
11 Thg 09 năm 2023
Học viên Hasan Shahid
Hasan Shahid
8 bài học Tiếng Bengal
My first lesson with Fahad was great! I already feel like my Bangla is improving due to his awesome feedback.
13 Thg 02 năm 2024
Học viên Rodrigo Basilio
Rodrigo Basilio
4 bài học Tiếng Bengal
Each lesson with teacher Fahad is enjoyable, he teaches with love and motivation, I am learning a lot with him, today we practiced how to write the vowels with consonants of the Bengali alphabet.
12 Thg 12 năm 2023
Học viên Daniela
2 bài học Tiếng Bengal
My second lesson with Fahad went very well. He created sentences for me to learn pronouns which I was able to then mix around and make new sentences. He was very supportive and encouraged me to try which boosted my confidence.
3 Thg 09 năm 2023
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