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Yeoeun💙 Chosen by celebs | Majored Korean language education | Super Junior fan 🤭
Đến từ Hàn QuốcSống tại Incheon, Hàn Quốc (14:46 UTC+09:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 15 Oct năm 2019
Interest topicÂm nhạcHistoryFashion & BeautyFilms & TV SeriesDu lịch
Hello, I'm Yeoeun. I'm a Korean teacher chosen by many celebrities, including popular K-pop singers/songwriters & original singers, BTS' one-pick artists, and Korean sports team coaches! I also met them while traveling all over the world and we became good friends :) Plus, I'm a huge fan of K-pop star group, SUPER JUNIOR. Please say hello to me if you are one of their fans or are a K-pop fan. 🤭 ** YouTube :
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Bài học thử
170 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 7.00+
Free-talking - Natural expressions & Various topics (55minutes)
A2 -  C2

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826 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 18.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 6%
Grammar/Reading/Listening - Textbook & Homework (55minutes)
A1 -  C1


1,134 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 28.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 16%

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Học viên Alex Chen진안수陈台嘉
Alex Chen진안수陈台嘉
51 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Thank you for an interesting conversation class. 여은 is good at finding a topic you enjoy and making it interesting. Time passes quickly. 이야기 수업 때 시간이 너무 빨라요. 다음에 봐요.
22 Thg 05 năm 2023
Học viên Richard Zhou
Richard Zhou
42 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Yeoeun is an amazing teacher!! I recently came back after a year long hiatus from learning Korean, but Yeoeun was very inviting and even went over past material that I struggled to remember again. Yeoeun always comes well prepared to each lesson and really engages her students with various prompts and discussion points. I feel confident in speaking Korean during class because Yeoeun encourages me to and always corrects me if I make any mistakes. Yeoeun provides homework after each class and the homework is always relevant to the topic covered from the last lesson. The homework is not very long, but helps me to better remember what I learned. Yeoeun does not make me feel ashamed to ask any questions and makes sure I leave every lesson with all questions answered. She is one of the best teachers I've ever had and I highly recommend her lessons if you want to improve your Korean.
21 Thg 05 năm 2023
Học viên Katie M Susong
Katie M Susong
190 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
I always enjoy my lessons with Yeoeun! She does a great job at keeping our lessons fun and positive. We spend half of the lesson time on conversation and half on a new grammar or vocab topic. During our conversation, Yeoeun does a great job of keeping the conversation going and giving me time and support to try to express myself in Korean. The grammar/vocabulary lesson is always interactive and has a variety of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
17 Thg 06 năm 2022
Học viên Julia Tran
Julia Tran
1 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
She is so kind and funny!! It was a fun lesson and it was informative!
23 Thg 04 năm 2024
Học viên Jessica Baek
Jessica Baek
3 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Yeoeun was very attentive and inviting. She provided materials, gave me a level test, and was encouraging throughout the lesson. She is very knowledgeable but also comfortable and enjoyable to talk to.
23 Thg 03 năm 2024
Học viên kdang26
2 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
As this is my first time learning Korean, she explained it very well for me to understand the hangul. I’m very excited for my next lesson! Thank you!
23 Thg 03 năm 2024
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