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Dedicated, resourceful, enthusiastic and experienced educator always focused on student’s needs!!!
Đến từ Séc-biSống tại Kragujevac, Séc-bi (07:11 UTC+02:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 21 May năm 2021
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My name is Danica, and I am 28 years old. I was born in Serbia, where I currently reside. My passions are languages, and I graduated in Italian language and literature from the Faculty of Languages in my hometown. Additionally, during my studies, I had the opportunity to spend a year in Rome, which significantly improved my communication skills. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and contributed to my growth in every aspect, particularly enhancing my language skills. I am a very sociable person, open-minded, creative, spontaneous, and always eager to make new friendships. I am inspired by meeting new people and visiting new places. I love dancing, music, books, and running.
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Conversation in English
A1 -  B1

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Practice English grammar
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Học viên Filip Vasic
Filip Vasic
2 bài học Tiếng Ý
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
I enjoyed studying Italian with Danica! She was supportive, helped me with my awful pronunciation and taught me many new words. I am looking forward to our next lesson.
13 Thg 10 năm 2021
Học viên Mariano
1 bài học Tiếng Ý
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Danica is a really suppletive tutor, she recently started at Italki but during our lesson she showed me how experienced she is. Her perfect Italian, Serbian and English are very helpful when communicating and explaining things I didn’t understand. She is full of energy and I can tell she will do great during her time at Italki. I totally recommend you taking lessons with her and you will not regret. Her lessons are focused on each student and her flexibility makes it easier to adjust to your needs. Thank you 😊
2 Thg 07 năm 2021
Học viên Noemi
1 bài học Tiếng Séc-bi
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Danica has great book for beginner so don’t hesitate because you will learn a lot :)
7 Thg 06 năm 2021
Học viên Olga Beamish
Olga Beamish
3 bài học Tiếng Séc-bi
italki kept dropping out so switched to zoom, i couldnt hear Danica as well through zoom as previous sessions with italki
14 Thg 07 năm 2024
Học viên Aristide
1 bài học Tiếng Ý
Danica was super amazing. The class was so much. I highly recommend Danica. Thank you so much. Grazie!!!Arrivederci! All prosima Volta!!!
23 Thg 06 năm 2024
Học viên Ali Alzaabi АЛИ علي
Ali Alzaabi АЛИ علي
2 bài học Tiếng Séc-bi
thanks for everything.
28 Thg 05 năm 2024
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