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Friendly Certified Korean Teacher / Unlock your Korean potential through engaging tailored lessons!
Đến từ Hàn QuốcSống tại Seoul, Hàn Quốc (13:50 UTC+09:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 23 Aug năm 2021
Interest topicPets & AnimalsFilms & TV SeriesArtReadingDu lịch
안녕하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다~ 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm a native Korean, born and raised in South Korea. I'm a friendly person who enjoys learning new things and exploring new cities. I love traveling and have visited 18 countries so far. During my travels, I had many chances to meet people interested in Korea, which inspired me to become a Korean teacher. So, I entered university to learn how to teach Korean professionally and ended up earning a bachelor's degree in Korean as a foreign language. I also studied advertising at an art college, and currently, I'm preparing for a master's degree in Korean language education. I hope that my enthusiasm can inspire my students!
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Bài học thử
53 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 15.00+
🟢 Korean Grammar in Use for All Levels / Interactive Structured and Tailored Lesson / Customized Materials and Homework Provided
A1 -  C2


903 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 21.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 4%
🟢 Book Lovers' Korean! / 독서를 좋아하는 중상급 학생들을 위한 읽기 수업 / 어휘, 읽기 자료, 피드백 제공 / 발음 교정
B1 -  C2


230 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 30.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 10%
🟢 Real Korean Conversations / Free Talking and Guided Lessons for Pre-intermediate to Advanced Learners
A2 -  C2

Luyện giao tiếp

349 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 17.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 4%
🟡 Trial Lesson (45/60 minutes) / 시범 수업 (45/60분)
A1 -  C2


5 bài học đã hoàn thành
USD 15.00+

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Học viên Ellen
51 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Sun is the best! Originally I was very nervous about speaking Korean, but Sun is so friendly, encouraging, and patient. Our classes are so much fun and I've grown more comfortable speaking. I've been taking lessons for about eight months now and have learned so much! Our lessons are the perfect mixture of structured exercises and freer conversation. I also love that she provides notes and homework to review between lessons. So thankful for Sun! I really couldn't ask for a better teacher!
14 Thg 11 năm 2023
Học viên Candace
64 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Sun is AMAZING!! I True to her name, she has a warm and bright disposition. I’ve been studying with Sun since Sept. 2022 and I always look forward to our class. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her teaching style is very interactive and engaging. I am very picky and met with eight teachers before I found Sun. EIGHT!! I am so grateful to have met her. She’s the perfect fit for my learning goals. Since becoming her student, I have leveled up and continue to improve my Korean abilities. I am so impressed in how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. If you are looking for a friendly, patient and engaging teacher, then look no further than Sun!
19 Thg 06 năm 2023
Học viên 이지민 (Irene Lee)
이지민 (Irene Lee)
66 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Sun is the best Korean teacher I could ask for! She would be amazing for any student: those serious about mastering Korean, those who want to try a casual hobby, and anywhere in between. I've taken lessons with Sun now for 6 months. She has a degree in teaching Korean as a foreign language and it shows; her lessons are clear & detailed. But her teaching style is also friendly, flexible, and relaxed. She provides tons of compliments and is your biggest cheerleader. Lessons cover grammar principles or center around a theme (e.g. fashion or cooking). We often practice through real-world Korean content, such as Korean YouTubers or blurbs from magazines. In between lessons, Sun responds quickly and thoughtfully to any of your questions. For instance, if I ask her about a word, she explains not just its dictionary definition, but its connotation and examples of situations where you would vs wouldn't use it. All in all, I'm so glad to have Sun as my teacher and can't wait for more lessons!
9 Thg 01 năm 2023
Học viên Candace
64 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
I look forward to my lessons with Sun!! 😊
22 Thg 04 năm 2024
Học viên Thea Lehleiter
Thea Lehleiter
97 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
A very good lesson as always! :)
22 Thg 04 năm 2024
Học viên Abigail | 유나
Abigail | 유나
1 bài học Tiếng Hàn Quốc
My first lesson with 이 선생님! Her positive energy and cheerfulness helped melt away any initial nervousness about class. I really appreciate how kind, patient, and encouraging she was. She spoke 100% in 한국어 at what seemed a natural pace, which at first made my brain a bit shocked (since I've worked with teachers before who spoke slowly), but once I had a minute or two to adjust, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I comprehended-and Sun also checked at points throughout class to make sure too! 선생님 was also very understanding in any challenges I encountered (from technical WiFi troubles to difficulty in pronouncing some words). I never felt judged or pressured as I was forming sentences. She really gives you the opportunity to think, form, and say what you want to say before offering suggestions and tips on how to improve. As someone who really appreciates organization and a clear path forward, the tools that she uses to teach and her note taking skills are wonderful. 감사합니다! 다음에 만나요!
17 Thg 04 năm 2024

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