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Egor Atkarskyi
Could you correct it please? If we talk about my future career I opt for fundamental and applied linguistics. I'm well-informed about this field or science. Linguistics is the scientific study of the structure and development of language in general or of particular languages. There are a lot of types of this science which corresponds with many natural, human and hard sciences as physics (for example, subdiscipline of linguistics an acoustic) psychology (for example neurolinguistics), mathematics (for example, computational linguistics). Since I prepare for many linguistic olimpiades, read books and articles for students, take courses, watch lectures of outstanding scientists as Zaliznyak and Lekant, attend lectures of most high-qualified linguists of modern times as Piperski, Somin, Iomdin, Gippius, Plungian, Burlac etc. for almost two years. In addition, I study at one of the best linguistic lyceum of our country. There I study English, Italian, Korean and of course as every ambitious linguist I have profound knowledge of Latin that is also taught there. I'm going to enter one of the leading university as MSLU, MSU, and HSE. I convinced that I will be a good specialist, as I possess the necessary qualities to become professional in the field of linguistics. I find myself sociable, since this involves a lot of interaction with people, stress-resistant, broad-minded, able to think logically, analyse and structure information, and also have good linguistic intuition and perfect linguistic memory! Also I believe all of my psychological characteristics correspond to the profession's characteristics. And I just really like it, that's also not the least thing in choosing this career.
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