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Last week, the department head posted a section of department culture. As the direction of our product managers and designers, I translated Chinese into English. The general content is as follows, but I feel that my translation is not authentic and professional enough. BTW I am an e-commerce platform practitioner, and my work is related to app design. Product manager and designer culture 1. The first position of product experience (obvious), the participant who has the mentality of Party A, the awareness of the business owner, and the product polishing. (Correspondingly, the product manager experiences the number one position (hidden)) 2. Responsible for the final experience of product users, not for product design drafts and process collaboration, but to express opinions on products that are already on the line. At this time, users can feel whether the design is good or not. 3. Makes the decision: understands user needs, understands business logic to make decisions, uses common sense to design, communicates with users a lot, and has empathy and a sense of substitution in product application scenarios 4. Innovation: makes useful, grounded, deep-level innovation, and does not make fancy and superficial innovation 5. Design language: The tool is stable, concise and easy to understand, and I love to use it. 6. Design style: big button, friendly interface, emoji 7. The entrepreneurial team style upholds the personality of "small closed-loop combat team", and high requirements bring high growth 8. The product becomes a career masterpiece
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