Spanish is the national language of over 20 countries, the majority of which have vibrant cultures. If you have ever visited Latin America or Spain, you are aware of how passionate Spanish speakers can be. This makes Spanish an excellent language for love and romance, as there are numerous ways to express love in Spanish.

You might be the type of person who saves the famous three words for their significant other, or you might wear your heart on your sleeve and say I love you to everyone in your life multiple times a day. In any case, learning how to say I love you in Spanish will significantly improve your language skills.

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If you live in a Spanish-speaking country or regularly interact with Spanish speakers, you will want to know a few words to express your affection and appreciation. Even if you are not looking to get romantically involved with anyone in particular, knowing how to express your feelings for someone can go a long way. There are numerous ways to express platonic love to others in Spanish.

Communicating with your significant other in their native language is one of the best ways to learn a new language. If you are in a relationship with a Spanish speaker, learning how to express love in Spanish is one of the most important things you can do. There are numerous ways to express your feelings for someone other than “te amo.” With over 400 million native speakers, Spanish is as diverse as it is romantic.

Expressing love to boyfriend/girlfriend

I love youTe amoTay ah-mo
I love you tooYo también te amoYo tahm-bee-en tay ah-mo
I love you so muchTe amo demasiadoTay ah-mo day-ma-see-ah-doh
I love you moreTe amo másTay ah-mo mas
I love you mostTe amo más que nadieTay ah-mo mas kay nah-dee-eh
I love you a lotTe amo muchoTay ah-mo moo-cho
I love you very muchTe amo muchísimoTay ah-mo moo-chee-see-mo
I love you to the moon and backTe amo hasta la luna y más alláTay ah-mo ahs-tah la loo-na
I love you with all my heartTe amo con todo mi corazónTay ah-mo con toh-doh mee co-rah-son
I love you, my loveTe amo, mi amorTay ah-mo mee ah-more
I love you handsomeTe amo, guapoTay ah-mo, goo-ah-po
I love you beautifulTe amo, hermosaTay ah-mo, air-mo-sa
I love you more than life itselfTe amo más que a la vida en síTay ah-mo mas kay ah la vee-dah en see
I love you more than anythingTe amo más que a nadaTay ah-mo mas kay ah nah-da
I still love youAún te amoAh-oon tay ah-mo
I think I love youCreo que te amoCray-oh kay tay ah-mo
I’m crazy about youEstoy enloquecido por tiEs-toy en-loh-kay-see-do por tee
You’re driving me crazy (in a good way)Me estás volviendo locoMeh es-tas vol-vee-en-do low-co
I’m head over heels for youEstoy enloquecido por tiEs-toy en-lo-kay-see-do por tee
I adore youTe adoroTay ah-do-ro
I’ve fallen for youMe has conquistadoMeh as con-kiss-ta-do
I’m yoursSoy tuyo/aSoy too-yo/too-ya
Love of my lifeAmor de mi vidaAh-more day me vee-da
I’m thinking about youEstoy pensando en tiEs-toy pen-san-do en tee
I want to be with youQuiero estar contigokee-eh-ro es-tar con-tee-go
I can’t wait to see youYa te quiero verYa tay kee-eh-ro ver
I can’t live without youNo puedo vivir sin tiNo poo-ay-do vee-veer seen tee
I need youTe necesitoTay neh-say-see-toh
You are my other halfEres mi media naranjaEh-res me meh-dee-ah nah-ran-ha
Life would be empty without youLa vida estaría vacía sin tiLa vee-dah es-ta-ree-ah va-see-ah seen tee
My heart is yoursMi corazón es tuyoMe co-rah-son es too-yo
You are my everythingEres mi todoEh-res me toh-doh
I love you with all my soulTe amo con toda mi almaTay ah-mo con toh-da me al-mah
I love you from the bottom of my heartTe amo desde el fondo de mi corazón.Tay ah-mo des-day el fon-do day me co-rah-son
I love you mommyTe amo mamacitaTay ah-mo ma-ma-see-ta
I love you daddyTe amo papiTay ah-mo pa-pee
You’re the best girlfriend in the worldEres la mejor novia del mundoEh-res la may-hore noh-vee-ah del moon-do
You’re the best boyfriend in the worldEres el mejor novio del mundoEh-res el may-hore noh-vee-oh del moon-do

Love always needs expression but if you find yourself in such a situation where you feel like thanking the other person, you need to learn phrases for that. There are several ways to say thank you in Spanish ranging from formal to informal situations.

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Expressing love to a friend, family member, or platonic love

I love you momTe amo, mamáTay ah-mo, ma-ma
I love you dadTe amo, papáTay ah-mo, pa-pa
I love you grandmaTe amo, abuelaTay ah-mo, ah-boo-eh-la
I love you grandpaTe amo, abueloTay ah-mo, ah-boo-eh-lo
I love you allLos amo a todosLos ah-mo ah toh-dos
I love you guysLos amoLos ah-mo
I love Taco BellAmo Taco BellAh-mo Taco Bell
I love you as a friendTe quiero como amigoTay kee-eh-ro co-mo ah-mee-go
I miss youTe extrañoTay ex-tra-nio
I miss youTe echo de menosTay eh-cho day meh-nos
You look beautifulQué hermosa te vesKay her-mo-sa tay ves
You look handsomeQué guapo te vesKay goo-ah-po te ves
You’re my soulmateEres mi alma gemelaEh-res me al-ma he-meh-la
I like you just the way you areTe quiero tal cual y como eresTay kee-eh-ro tal koo-al e co-mo eh-res
Goodnight, I love youBuenas noches, te amoBoo-eh-nas noh-ches, tay ah-mo

Apart from this, you can master the expressions of saying happy birthday in Spanish to make the birthdays of your family, friends, or love interest special and memorable. Remember, learning these phrases or expressions allow you to get immersed in Spanish culture and its people.

How to say ‘My love’ in Spanish

My loveMi amorMe ah-more
My skyMi cieloMe see-eh-lo
My lifeMi vidaMe vee-da
My heartMi corazónMe co-rah-son
My dearMi queridoMe kay-ree-doh
My sunMi solMe sol
My kingMi reyMe ray
My queenMi reinaMe ray-na
My sweetnessMi dulzuraMe dull-soo-rah
My babyMi bebéMe beh-beh
My preciousMi preciosaMe pray-see-oh-sa
My treasureMi tesoroMe tay-so-ro
My dollMi muñecaMe moo-nie-kah

Romantic phrases in Spanish

You make me happy as a worm.Me haces feliz como una lombriz.May ah-ses fay-lees koh-mo oo-na lom-breeze
I want to be with you forever.Quiero estar contigo para siempre.Kee-eh-ro es-tar con-tee-go pah-rah see-em-pray
I like your smile.Me gusta tu sonrisa.May goose-tah too son-ree-sa
Your eyes are captivating.Me cautivan tus ojos.May cow-tee-van toos oh-hos
You make me laugh a lot.Me haces reír mucho.May ah-says ray-eere moo-cho
I can’t wait to see you again.No veo la hora de verte otra vez.No vay-oh la oh-rah day ver-tay oh-trah vehs
I’m dying of love.Muero de amor.Moo-ay-row day ah-more
You are always in my heart.Siempre estás en mi corazón.See-em-pray es-tas en me coh-rah-son
Stay with whoever kisses your soul, because anyone could kiss your skin.Quédate con quien te bese el alma. La piel te la puede besar cualquiera.Kay-da-tay con kee-ehn tay bay-say elle al-ma. La pee-elle tay-la poo-ay-day bay-sar coo-al-kee-eh-rah
I love you like the female trout loves the male trout.Te quiero como la trucha al trucho.Tay kee-eh-ro co-mo la true-cha al true-cho
You look like a princess.Pareces una princesa.Pah-ray-ses oo-na preen-say-sa
You’re as cute as a flower.Eres tan linda como una flor.Eh-res tan leen-da co-mo oo-na floor
My heart beats like a french fry.Mi corazón palpita como una patata frita.Me coh-rah-son pal-pee-tah co-mo oo-na pa-ta-ta free-ta
You’re the woman of my dreams.Eres la mujer de mis sueños.Ay-res la moo-her day mees soo-ay-nios
I hope you’re in my dreams tonight.Espero soñar contigo esta noche.Es-pear-oh sow-niar con-tee-go es-tah no-che
I think we look good together.Creo que hacemos una buena pareja.Cray-oh kay ah-say-mos oo-na boo-ay-na pah-ray-ha
I like you more and more each day.Cada día te quiero más.Ca-dah dee-ah tay kee-eh-ro mas
You complete me.Tú me complementas.Too may com-play-men-tahs

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between “te quiero” and “te amo”?

A. Both “te quiero” and “te amo” can be translated as “I love you.” Although “te amo” is the literal translation of “I love you” and “te quiero” is the direct translation of “I want you,” the distinction between the two is blurry.

Q. Is “Te quiero” platonic?

A. “Te quiero” is a perfectly acceptable way to express platonic love. Although its literal meaning is “I want you,” it means “I love you” in everyday language.


As they say, love needs passion. If you are looking for ways to express your love in Spanish, this guide is the right spot for you. Tell people you love them and never miss a chance to make them feel special.

If you want to learn Spanish for free, look for your favorite Spanish content available online. Watch videos, movies, and podcasts. It will help you understand native Spanish speakers. Try practicing new Spanish words as it will improve your fluency and pronunciation.

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