There are several ways to say ‘good job’ in Spanish. Expanding your Spanish vocabulary will help you develop words or phrases that suit your context. This guide will explore several ways to say “good job” or “well done” in Spanish. So, let’s get started!

Learn to say good job in Spanish

30+ ways to say good job in Spanish

Good Job in EnglishGood Job in Spanish
Good job!¡Buen trabajo!
Keep up the good work!¡Sigue con el buen trabajo!
Couldn’t have done it better myself.Ni yo mismo podría haberlo hecho mejor.
You’re on the right track now!¡Ahora estás en el camino correcto!
Keep up the great work!¡Sigue con el gran trabajo!
Good job! Keep it up!¡Buen trabajo! ¡Sigue así!
Keep up the hard work!¡Sigue con el trabajo duro!
You’re doing a great job.Estás haciendo un gran trabajo.
That’s coming along nicely.Eso está quedando muy bien.
Now you’ve got the hang of it!¡Ahora ya le has cogido el tranquillo!
You made it look easy!¡Lo has hecho parecer fácil!
You’ve almost mastered that!¡Ya casi lo dominas!
Keep it up.Sigue así.
You’re learning fast!¡Estás aprendiendo rápido!
Good for you.Bien por ti.
Good effort!¡Buen esfuerzo!
You’ve got it made.Lo has conseguido.
You’re getting better every day.Cada día eres mejor.
You’ve got that down pat!¡Lo tienes claro!
I’m very proud of you.Estoy muy orgulloso de ti.
Way to go!¡Así se hace!
Well, look at you go!Bueno, ¡mira cómo vas!
Nice work!¡Buen trabajo!
Now that’s what I call a fine job!¡Eso es lo que yo llamo un buen trabajo!
Good going!¡Bien hecho!
Well done!¡Bien hecho!
You’ve got it made!¡Lo has conseguido!
I knew you could do it.Sabía que podías hacerlo.
Couldn’t have done it better myself.No podría haberlo hecho mejor yo mismo.
That’s the right way to do it.Esa es la forma correcta de hacerlo.
Nothing can stop you now.Nada puede detenerte ahora.
That was first-class work.Ha sido un trabajo de primera clase.

Mastering basic Spanish words helps you hold conversations effortlessly. Several words are usually used to convey the same meaning in different contexts. It is essential to use different vocabulary according to the nature of the context.

Praise people on achievements

Some sample sentences to say a good job in Spanish

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say “good job” in Spanish:

  1. ¡Buen trabajo en el proyecto! (Good job on the project!)
  2. ¡Bien hecho! Has ganado el primer lugar. (Well done! You have won first place.)
  3. ¡Excelente trabajo en la presentación de hoy!  (Excellent job on today’s presentation!)
  4. ¡Muy bien! Terminaste todo a tiempo. (Very good! You finished everything on time.)
  5. ¡Buen laburo en la obra de teatro!  (Good job on the theater play!)
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Frequently asked questions

How do you say “good job” informally in Spanish?

You can informally say “good job” in Spanish by using expressions like “bien hecho” or “buen trabajo.”

Are there different phrases to express praise in Spanish?

Yes, there are various ways to express praise in Spanish. Besides “bien hecho” and “buen trabajo,” you can use phrases like “excelente trabajo,” “muy bien,” or “estupendo.”

Are there regional variations in how to say “good job” in Spanish?

While the core expressions are generally understood across Spanish-speaking regions, regional variations or colloquialisms might exist. It’s always good to be aware of local preferences.


In this guide, we have explored several ways to say good job in Spanish. We strongly recommend you expand your Spanish vocabulary to understand the contextual use of different words and phrases.

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