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italki is the main sponsor of the Polyglot Conference 2022. It is an event open to anyone who loves language: teachers, students, and anyone who simply wants to know more about languages. This year the Polyglot Conference Global 2002 will take place LIVE online in their Live Environment from October 1st - October 9th. Registration has begun and you can find out more information about it and sign up here: The event is donation based and open to anyone who loves languages. There will be video talks from Polyglots and language lovers, Language Practice rooms led by italki Teachers, and many online activities taking place over the 9-day virtual online event! Register now!
23 Th09 2022 03:46
Bình luận · 4
Bíonn an Comhdháil Ilteangach thar a bheith híontach i gcónaí! Freastalaím mé air le trí bliana anois. :-). (The Polyglot Conference is always really wonderful! I've been attending it for 3 years now)
7 Th10 2022 18:32
💓 larga vida a polyglot conference
2 Th10 2022 19:56
See you there!😄
30 Th09 2022 11:18
Hello,for some reason I was unable to figure out where to continue the purchase with my registration, please could someone help out when available.
26 Th09 2022 01:04
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