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When is the 't' silent? This letter that often plays hide-and-seek in English words. While it might seem insignificant, understanding the silent 't' can enhance your understanding of English pronunciation and spelling, further refining your communication skills. The silent 't' often appears at the end of words, particularly those borrowed from French or Latin. For instance, in the word 'castle', the 't' is not pronounced, giving the word a softer, more refined sound. Similarly, in the word 'listen', the 't' remains silent, contributing to the word's gentle, attentive tone. Here are some more examples: Castle – pronounced "kas-uhl" Christmas – pronounced "kris-muhs" Listen – pronounced "lis-uhn" Fasten – pronounced "fas-uhn" Often – pronounced "of-uhn" Whistle – pronounced "wis-uhl" While the silent 't' might seem like a minor detail, mastering its pronunciation and spelling can elevate your English proficiency and enhance your communication skills. P.S. Which of these words have you been pronouncing the 't' up until now?
24 Th11 2023 10:58