Rakeb Debalkew

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An Enthusiastic young lady with over Four years of teaching experience.
Đến từ Ê-ti-ô-pi-aSống tại Addis Ababa, Ê-ti-ô-pi-a (01:30 UTC+03:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 28 May năm 2023
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My name is Rakeb Debalkew. I am a 30 years old Ethiopian language enthusiast. I was born and raised here in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Amharic is my first language and my Native. I was raised in a democratic and free family that let me reflect my own color and identity. I see my parents and siblings in me, and they are the shiniest part of my identity. If any one asks me to answer the question "Who are you?" beyond my name, I would say that I am my family. I am all the wonderful teachers I had, all the friends I embarked on. I am confident, I am courageous, I am enthusiastic and I am bold and forward. There is not a single thing I regret and I love that about myself. I truly value what I have!
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Amharic for Flat Beginners. This Lesson would be the Key to understand the basic pillars of Amharic Language and Secret Ingredient to achieve Amharic Speaking Proficiency in a short amount of time, in


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24 bài học Tiếng Amhara
Rakeb masterfully and passionately engages any learner; even not so smart student like me can advance with her in a steady manner.
16 Th11 năm 2023
24 bài học Tiếng Amhara
Rakeb helped me to advance faster than I planned in mastering Amharic writing.
21 Th10 năm 2023
24 bài học Tiếng Amhara
Rakeb helps/motivates me to overcome barriers.
17 Th10 năm 2023
Tomas Hidde Hoekstra
5 bài học Tiếng Amhara
Just did a trial lesson. Rakeb took the time to understand why I want to learn Amharic and will adapt the course to it. It was an highly enjoyable class. She came prepared and taught with a lot of enthusiasm.
17 Th10 năm 2023
24 bài học Tiếng Amhara
Rakeb always prepares well for the lessons and adjusts for a student's needs and capacity.
28 Th09 năm 2023
Susanna Schrenk
11 bài học Tiếng Amhara
She is thorough and prepared for every class. She is also a very passionate and fun teacher.
25 Th09 năm 2023
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