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Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
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Là giáo viên italki từ 18 Dec năm 2017
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Hello.I was born in Serbia,but my parents are Hungarians,they have been living in Vojvodina which was the part of The Austro - Hungarian Monarchy,so I got Serbian nationality by birth and I went through the simplified naturalization when I requested the Hungarian citizenship.I finished my elementary school in Hungarian and my high school in Serbian,so I am perfectly fluent in both languages and excellent with grammar.I mostly work with people who want to apply for the Hungarian citizenship, I already have 15 students who successfully passed the Hungarian citizenship interview all over the world.I finished the TEFL course,so I am a certified English teacher and a professional handball player.
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Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Tiếng Séc-bi
Tiếng Anh
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Informal Tutoring
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Checking if you are eligible for simplified naturalization or verification, document review and advices.
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Filling out the forms for Hungarian citizenship
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Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Tiếng Séc-bi
Học viên Ilana
46 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
I worked with Anastazija to learn Hungarian and prepare for the simplified citizenship interview. She is a fantastic teacher and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to prepare for the interview. I have studied five languages with many different teachers both in person and online and she is by far the best foreign language teacher I have had. Although Hungarian is 'technically' a hard language, she breaks it down into easy to understand steps and makes it easy to learn.
30 Thg 10 năm 2020
Học viên Ana Cernok
Ana Cernok
29 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Fantastic! As usual! We just finished our last prep Magyarora before the oath and I feel very excited! Cannot believe that we have come so close to the end of this journey - which was made so enjoyable, fun, and easy with Anastazija! My first interview went really smooth and I waited for about 6 months to receive the information about the ''honositasi okirat'', which is the citizenship certificate. Lets hope it all goes smooth all the way to the end! A small piece of advice - try not to stop taking the classes entirely after you finish your interview and while you are waiting for the oath, you will need the same, if not better, language skills and confidence to finalize the process. Cheers!
6 Thg 09 năm 2020
Học viên Michael Jaindl
Michael Jaindl
35 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
This was my last lesson with Anastazija as a non-Hungarian. I found out yesterday that an appointment had come available for the oath this morning at the Hungarian consulate, and I asked her if she could help me prepare for the oath. She was already booked through midnight, but she stayed up until 1 am to help me anyway. This is typical of Anastazija. Throughout this process she has always been available to help me with any difficult communications, correcting my emails and explaining every detail if I didn't understand its significance. Every time there was new information requested or another interview required, she gave it her full attention. I always felt safe in terms of my citizenship application because I knew Anastazija was there if I had trouble. Plenty has been said about her talents as a Hungarian teacher; I wanted to mention the other half of the story. I could go on, but I'm tired and now that I'm a Hungarian citizen, I'm going to have some champagne and take a nap.
4 Thg 08 năm 2020
Học viên Trevor
9 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
She is the very best! I am so thankful for her patience with me, I am 43 years old and not the quickest learner but she is extremely good at matching my learning style!
12 Thg 04 năm 2024
Học viên Laura
12 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
Internet connection was unstable. She is a very good teacher but is often distracted and tired. It's difficult for her because it is midnight her time and she has a young child who is often sick. I am totally empathetic, but it does seem to happen every lesson. I hesitate to even provide this feedback because I have found the lessons to be very helpful.
11 Thg 04 năm 2024
Học viên hollyhb
9 bài học Tiếng Hung-ga-ry
So far we have had a great interaction and we look forward to working with our new teacher!
25 Thg 03 năm 2024
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