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Certified teacher from the University of Tirana with 5 years of experience
Đến từ Hy LạpSống tại Athens, Hy Lạp (12:38 UTC+03:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 9 Aug năm 2018
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Hello there! My name is Viktor, I am 30 years old, and I am a graduate master's student in Balkanistics at Charles University of Prague, with a specialization Albanian and Bulgarian Languages. I finished my bachelor's degree in Slavistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Slavistics. Since my childhood, I had a big passion for learning foreign languages. I started this fascinating journey to the world of foreign languages quite equipped since I had two equal mother tongues Albanian and Greek. I can also speak in a very advanced level Czech, Bulgarian and Russian. I love travelling, I enjoy talking about politics, history, geography and other various topics.
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Tiếng An-ba-ni
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Tiếng An-ba-ni
Tiếng Hy Lạp
Học viên Peter C. Brentford
Peter C. Brentford
106 bài học Tiếng Hy Lạp
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Excellent balance of grammar and interesting conversation practice on a number of topics. Very effective!
11 Thg 06 năm 2021
Học viên Adrian
107 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
I've been having lessons with Victor twice a week for several months now and I'm delighted with the progress I've made. The lessons are informal, comfortable and fun, and even though Albanian is a difficult language Victor carefully and patiently breaks it down into simple, comprehensible steps to make it easy to understand. He is very knowledgeable about cultural aspects that are really useful to know too. After every lesson I feel a real sense of achievement that I have learnt something new and important. I highly recommend!
1 Thg 05 năm 2021
Học viên Victoria B
Victoria B
42 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Classes with Viktor are always interesting and I learn a lot. Highly recommended if you want to learn either Albanian or Greek.
6 Thg 02 năm 2020
Học viên Kayleigh
5 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
I am a complete beginner in Albanian and Viktor was extremely patient and non-judgemental. We explored the alphabet and pronunciation of the letters, which has set me up nicely for future lessons. Viktor constantly checked my progress and listened to my pronunciations, ensuring I was saying things correctly. I would thoroughly recommend booking a lesson with him, because he is calm, confident and clearly knows a great deal about linguistics.
13 Thg 07 năm 2022
Học viên Cintia Bazan
Cintia Bazan
3 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Excellent teacher, great material and methodology. I'll continue learning with Viktor, his explanations are clear, fun and it covers all aspects of the language.
11 Thg 07 năm 2022
Học viên Tahsin Kuo
Tahsin Kuo
4 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
I really enjoyed my first Albanian course, Viktor was very detailed and he solved many of my learning problems. I am looking forward to the next lesson. I highly recommend Viktor's Albanian lessons to everyone.
18 Thg 06 năm 2022
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