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I'm an educator and learning content designer with over 4 years of teaching experience.
Đến từ Ác-mê-ni-aSống tại Yerevan, Ác-mê-ni-a (03:42 UTC+04:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 24 Nov năm 2020
Բարև (bar'ev) 🙋‍♀️✌️ I am Shushi. I teach Western Armenian to adult beginners and Eastern Armenian to all language learners at all levels and age groups✌️. ❗️ ❗️ In the past four years, I've worked and volunteered in fields ranging from innovation and education to IT. I've worked in the education sphere at the American University of Armenia, Picsart and Teach for Armenia, designing teacher training programs and initiating innovative projects in public schools. Apart from pedagogy, I am interested in political philosophy, and social justice for educational policymaking.
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Bài học Tiếng Armenia

Bài học thử
36 lessons completed
USD 12.00+
Eastern/Western Armenian (Current Students)
A1 -  C2


333 lessons completed
USD 13.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 8%
Eastern Armenian for New Students (A1-C2) (starting on 11/01/2022)
A1 -  B2


16 lessons completed
USD 15.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 6%
Western Armenian for New Students (A1-B1) (starting on 11/01/2022)
A1 -  B1


78 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
Gói bài học được giảm giá 11%

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2 bài học Tiếng Armenia
I had a love letter translated by Shushan, and it was a fantastic experience. She's an amazing Armenian tutor on italki. She paid attention to details, made great editing suggestions, and helped me with my pronunciation with clear transliterations. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a top-notch tutor. Thank you, Shushan!
6 Th04 năm 2023
1 bài học Tiếng Armenia
Shushan took the time to write her corrections in the chat, which was very helpful.
1 Th02 năm 2023
Jungkyoo Kim
1 bài học Tiếng Armenia
Shushan is intelligent, passionate, and to-the-point. Your Armenian proficiency will increase in no time thanks to her informative and efficient lesson. Highly recommended.
8 Th09 năm 2022
Aaron Wright
24 bài học Tiếng Armenia
Shushan is a fantastic teacher with thorough lesson plans and materials. After just two months, I have learned the entire Western Armenian alphabet. When I traveled to Armenia, I was able to introduce myself and have basic conversations with several locals who were surprised by my ability. I look forward to more lessons with Shushan and recommend her for anyone looking to learn Eastern or Western Armenian.
24 Th08 năm 2022
Rose Kimball
49 bài học Tiếng Armenia
Amazing teacher!
3 Th05 năm 2022
Rose Kimball
49 bài học Tiếng Armenia
Shushan is amazing, I highly recommend her course for learning Armenian!
12 Th04 năm 2022
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