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Tiếng An-ba-ni
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Tiếng Tây Ban Nha
Albanian teacher who taught almost 2000 lessons
Đến từ An-ba-niSống tại Tirane, An-ba-ni (23:48 UTC+02:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 15 Jun năm 2020
HI everyone! I'm Arsen, and I study English Language and Literature at the "Faculty of Foreign Languages".
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Tiếng An-ba-ni
Tiếng Anh
Bài học thử
53 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
ALBANIAN BEGINNERS/ Shqipja per fillestare
A1 -  C1


499 lessons completed
USD 15.00+
Gramatika Shqipe/ Albanian Grammar & Testet e Gjuhes (Translation/Perkthime)
A2 -  B2


9 lessons completed
USD 15.00+
Fol Shqip
A1 -  C2

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215 lessons completed
USD 20.00

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Tiếng An-ba-ni
Tiếng Anh
Christin Reichel
32 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
I’ve now had my eighth lesson with Arsen and I learned a lot already. He is very pleasant and organised. His way to explain things really helps me to progress in the Albanian language. The material he uses for his lessons is great and supportive. He also taught me helpful things about the culture and gives tips on how to progress beside the lessons. Even though I am German it is not a problem to communicate because we simply communicate in English. He is also very flexible in his schedule so it is possible to plan the lessons the way it fits best besides work or school. In conclusion I can highly recommend learning Albanian with Arsen as he is very kind, supportive and professional. Therefore I am looking forward to our next lessons. Faleminderit shumë dhe shihemi së shpejti! 👋🇦🇱
28 Th12 năm 2021
Joseph Dedvukaj
33 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Always a pleasure working with Arsen. I've been practicing with him since July of this year (2021) and my speaking abilities have improved dramatically. Communicating with my family, and other speakers of the Albanian language is coming more naturally. I highly recommend working with Arsen if you're looking to improve your conversational skills in a fun, low-stress environment. Ai është më i miri.
20 Th11 năm 2021
126 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
Arsen continues to be a breath of fresh air in my Albanian learning journey - I always come out of each lesson with plenty of laughs and a real sense of achievement in the progress I've made. The lessons are varied and fun but are still practical and informative. I couldn't be happier!
23 Th04 năm 2021
Mena Hamer
1 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Very pleased to have had a talk and agreed a plan for my future tuition
15 Th09 năm 2023
2 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Amazing teacher, looking forward to continue my lessons in becoming more fluent in Albanian.
11 Th04 năm 2023
Joseph Dedvukaj
33 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Kaq mirë si gjithëherë.
25 Th03 năm 2023
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