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Là giáo viên italki từ 21 Jun năm 2021
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My name is Egzon, and I am from Kosovo. I have loved English since I was a child, so before registering for university, I followed a course in Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced level. I now possess a BA degree. I have graduated from the English Language Department. I also possess a TESOL & TEFL certificate.
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Tiếng An-ba-ni
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Basic - Albanian language (Package)
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265 lessons completed
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Grammar, reading, speaking, listening, pronunciation and translation.
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Tiếng An-ba-ni
Tiếng Anh
1 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Egzon was great and well prepared! I hope to continue to learn with him.
10 Th06 năm 2023
Monique B
4 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
I had my trial session with Egzon, and it was great. He seems to be patient and very professional. Looking forward to start a lesson with him.
22 Th05 năm 2023
10 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Great lesson with a great teacher
19 Th05 năm 2023
10 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Very satisfied with the lesson and teacher
4 Th05 năm 2023
10 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Always a pleasure
30 Th03 năm 2023
Steven Robert
5 bài học Tiếng An-ba-ni
Egzon was a great tutor when I first met him. However, he seems less interested in the lessons than earlier and I am not sure why. The tutor also seems less interested in the lessons than the student is which is worrying. Numerous late minute cancelations have occurred with Egzon which has made it difficult for any consistency. Student will switch to another tutor :-(
21 Th03 năm 2023
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