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italki is now offering our users a new class type called Group Class (for EN learners), allowing learners to learn together and create friendships.
「 ✦ ONE POINT✦ 」 ╰┈➤ SUBJECT WITH THE PARTICLE 저는, 시니 씨, 선생님, 저는 친구가 ╰┈➤ BRIDGE [time, place, menu, when, if, so, after, and, but, in case of, regardless of, more than…] *****Imitation is the mother of creation. The most effective way to learn the Korean language is to emulate Shinnie, who has mastered it. As soon as you listen to native Koreans, copy the bridge part of the questions quickly first and add your sentence! ╰┈➤ ENDING [Ask ‘one collocation‘ mandatorily first to prevent misinformation and the formation of bad habits that lead to regression + 3 + Bring only my analyzed grammar Koreans and Korean organizations use the most] *****Read with zombie sound with specific rhythm strategies (2:3)
to feel uncomfortable *Ex) like you're not sure if you turn off the air-condition when you go outiside.
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