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I rewrite my post of my opinion about the new update of Italki, because the previous one was not really good. I will also tell about what I like about the update, not just the things what should improve. Podcasts Some of the Cantonese podcasts, the things are explained in Mandarin Chinese. It is that I can understand Mandarin Chinese, but for other people who can't understand Mandarin Chinese, a transcription and English translation would be helpful. Actually I like the display of the podcasts before the update more than after the update. The display was just like when you are searching for teacher, a bigger display. Now it is smaller. Messages button If you have read my previous post, I told that the messages button that has changed place, was not really practical in my opinion. But now I actually get used of it, so I don't care anymore. Quizzes It is not possible to see which vocabulary and quizzes (in the Discover section) a teacher has made, when going to the teacher's profile, only the podcasts you can see by clicking on the posts of the teacher in question. In overall, a nice update.
10 tháng 4 năm 2022
🇺🇲 Today, September 26, 2023, it has been 2 years since I have worked here at italki teaching Portuguese and English. And as it is common to receive a gift on a birthday, my greatest gift is seeing the evolution of my students in their skills, their joy and affection in each class. Learning language transformed my life, and it has been transforming me by giving me the opportunity to help my mother financially and make my dreams come true, giving me motivation and a purpose to continue and progress in life, and transforming me with each class, each student, every explanation and sincere exchange that I have with people from so many different places, ages and cultures. I'm just gratitude for these two years and motivation for many more years to come! ---------------------------------------- 🇧🇷 Hoje, dia 26 de Setembro de 2023, faz 2 anos que eu trabalho aqui no italki ensinando Português e Inglês. E como é comum ganhar presente ao completar aniversário, o meu maior presente é ver a evolução dos meus alunos em suas habilidades a alegria e o carinho deles a cada aula. O idioma transformou a minha vida, e vem transformando me dando a oportunidade de ajudar financeiramente a minha mãe e realizar meus sonhos, me dando motivação e um sentido para seguir e progredir na vida, e me transformando a cada aula, a cada aluno, a cada explicação e troca sincera que eu tenho com pessoas de tantos lugares, idades e culturas diferentes. Eu sou só gratidão por esses dois anos e motivação para muitos mais anos que virão!
27 Th09 2023 00:35
(Here's a part from a text in my book that is published on Amazon) فيروز هي فنانة متنوعة ومختلفة، صوتها فيه قدسية حلوة، وخصوصية بتميزها. بتتذكروها الصبح وقت تشربوا قهوتكن، بترافقكن لما تمشوا لشغلكن أو جامعتكن الصبح بشوارع حنونة. فيروز بتصلي معكن بالكنيسة الصبح وبتغني بالمسرح مشانكن وبتمسك إيدكن بطريق رجعتكن للبيت حتى ما تكونوا لحالكن، بتبكي معكن لما تنجرحوا وبتفرح معكن لما تحبوا، فيروز بالمختصر، هي تفاصيل ذكرياتكن يلي ما ممكن تنسوها.. Try to translate :) ___________________________________________ You can check the book from this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C3DBW2JH
26 Th09 2023 13:51
Visiting an important cultural property Inspired by a book written by Yataro Matsuura, I had a go at visiting one of the important cultural properties in Japan (Kyu-Iwasakitei, Gardens.) This property consists of three buildings and the vast gardens. The western residence and the billiard room were designed by a British architect, Josiah Condor, who educated Western-style architecture in Japan. Also, there is the Japanese-style building annexed to the Western residence. Here is a quick rundown of what makes this site exceptional; ・British Minton tiles used on the first-floor veranda are splendid. ・There are vast gardens, which are outstanding. ・Women’s guest rooms decorated with Islamic motifs are gorgeous, they look really pretty. It’s almost hard to believe that it was built over one hundred years ago. ・The guest room on the second floor decorated with valuable Japanese leather paper (Kin-kara-kawashi) is absolutely stunning. ・In a sunroom, there are bay windows looking out of the beautiful garden, it's very nice to soak up the sun. The room is filled with a copious amount of sunshine poured into it. It's perfect for a peaceful weekend gateway in Tokyo.
21 Th09 2023 23:33
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