English is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It is currently spoken by over 1.35 billion people worldwide. However, only 360 million of the 1.35 billion people speak English as their first language. However, with such a large number of English speakers around the world, English can open many doors for you. This universal language will allow you to communicate with people from virtually any country.

English is the official language of 67 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities worldwide. However, English is also spoken in many countries where it is not the official language.

In fact, some English-speaking countries may have more than one official language. To facilitate communication between citizens who speak different languages or dialects, many countries use English as a lingua franca or de facto working language.

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English-speaking countries of Europe

 There are only a few countries in Europe where English is recognized as an official language. However, it is still spoken by the majority of the population in many countries where it is not an official language, such as Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

You will be amazed to see how well some countries speak English despite the fact that it’s not their native language. Here is a list of all the European countries where English is an official language, along with their capitals and the percentage of the population who speaks English.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the populationthat speaks English
Isle of ManDouglas85,03399.93%

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English-speaking countries in Africa

With 54 countries, Africa is the world’s second-largest continent. It’s natural to wonder if there are any countries on this fascinating continent that speak English, either officially or unofficially. There are, in fact, many. English is the primary language of 24 African countries. Some of them use it as their official language, while others use it as a lingua franca or de facto working language.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the populationthat speaks English
South AfricaJohannesburg59,308,69031%
MauritiusPort Louis1,271,76815.97%
Sierra LeoneFreetown7,976,98383.53%
Saint HelenaJamestown6,077Unknown
South SudanJuba11,193,725Unknown
SwazilandMbabane, Lobamba1,160,16448.2%

English speaking countries of the Americas

While the majority of people in the Americas speak English, the main languages spoken in South America are Spanish and Portuguese. However, English is an official language in a few countries in both Central and South America, including Belize in Central America and Guyana in South America.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the population that speaks English
United StatesWashington DC334,497,00095.5%
Falkland IslandsStanley3,672

English speaking countries in the Caribbean

Native Spanish speakers come to mind when you think of the Caribbean islands. You might be surprised to learn that some Caribbean islands have English as their official language.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the populationthat speaks English
Puerto RicoSan Juan2,860,85348.61%
Antigua and BarbudaSaint John’s97,92980%
AnguillaThe Valley15,00392.31%
British Virgin IslandsThe Valley30,23186.96%
Cayman IslandsGeorge Town65,72276.6%
Sint MaartenPhilipsburg42,876Unknown
GrenadaSaint George’s112,52390.91%
Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterre53,19978%
Saint LuciaCastries183,62743.03%
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstown110,94095%
Turks and Caicos IslandsCockburn Town38,717Unknown
Trinidad and TobagoPort of Spain1,399,48887.74%
US Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalie104,42595.97%

English speaking countries of Asia

Asia is home to some of the world’s most populous countries, including India and China. Five Asian countries recognize and speak English as their official language. That is not to say that English is not widely spoken in other Asian countries. Indeed, many Asian citizens speak English as a second or even third language.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the populationthat speaks English
BruneiBandar Seri Begawan437,47939.07%

English speaking countries in Oceania

Oceania has the most diverse language population on the planet. There are currently estimated to be 450 Oceanic languages. Aside from a plethora of indigenous languages, most countries in Oceania speak English.

CountryCapitalPopulationPercentage of the populationthat speaks English
New ZealandWellington4,822,23397.82%
Cook IslandsAvarua District17,56419.80%
Marshall IslandsMajuro59,19098.33%
NauruYaren District10,82496.67%
Northern Mariana IslandsSaipan57,55983.33%
Papua New GuineaPort Moresby8,947,02449.76%
American SamoaPago Pago55,19180.1%
Solomon IslandsHoniara686,88431.68%
VanuatuPort Vila307,14583.55%

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many countries are officially English speaking?

A. 67 different countries.

Q. Which English is mostly used in the world?

A. UK English is the preferred variant in most European countries as well as in English-speaking countries in Africa and South Asia (i.e. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh).

Q. How much of the world speaks English?

A. English is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It is currently spoken by over 1.35 billion people worldwide.


As you can see, the English-speaking world is vastly different. English is spoken on nearly every continent on the planet. It bridges cultural gaps, allowing us to freely communicate with people from other countries. You can learn English via different English learning apps. These apps are super helpful with user-friendly interfaces.  And as you continue to learn English, you will learn more about the countries where English is spoken. Stop wondering why is English hard to learn and start exploring deeper and deeper into this fascinating world.

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